Cardinal Muller: public formal schism

Cardinal Muller is in a state of Public Formal Schism

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  1. Alex says:

    I agree. There are a dozen of prelates who declared themselves to be not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinals Muller, Brandmuller, Sarah, Burke, bishop Schneider, sure there are others less known. If they are excommunicated, the rest less culpable will rethink and repent. Until those prelates are “inside the Church” including on key and honorable positions, they drag with themselves multitudes of people. We already witness a “church” within the Church, that is called the “remnant”, the “true, authentic” etc wording that are absurd to exist within the Catholic Church.

    And let me say it again, although the Old Latin rite WAS perfect and was the main rite after the Trent council, St Paul VI decided for it to be changed, in the same way it exchanged at its introduction the existing older rites. That decision of St Paul VI should never be reversed by pope emeritus Benedict. And I do not know how infallible that reversal is. Only the modernist decisions are subject to scrutiny are they infallible. How about retrograde decisions that the history is full of? What we have now is a divided Church thanks to that. Was that the real purpose?

    Instead of all that…, the prelates and the common catholics should start thinking how the planet survives…The Global Warming is no more a theory…we are burning as we speak! Or is it also in God’s will, the more the suffering the better for the conservative theory? Thus we reach the Inquisition and the burning of people. And seems to me, people like (card.) Muller would be perfectly fit for that role if they were born several centuries earlier.

  2. Michael says:

    If Cardinal Muller is automatically excommunicated, would he still be able to validly consecrate the Eucharist at mass?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Yes, heretics and schismatics can validly administer Sacraments, unless the heresy concerns the Sacrament and perhaps makes the Sacrament invalid due to a lack of proper intention (intending to do what the Church does in that Sacrament).

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Ron I know this blog is about the schism but I wanted to ask you have you any idea what form the warning will take for humanity I only ask as you gave your thoughts on what the miracle may be ie the trees from the garden of eden . I am just interested in other peoples idea of what will transpire for those few miraculous and terrifying minutes for some reason I think that we may see how we have contributed to Christ being tortured and crucified 2000 years ago or it could be the damage we have inflicted on anyone we have sinned against have any visionaries hinted at what form it will take.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The Warning only shows people the sins still on their conscience. Those who are particularly holy may participate in the sorrow of Mary for her Son’s suffering on the Cross, and of Christ’s sorrow at the sins of humanity (but that will be very rare).

      The Miracle is three things:
      1. miraculous healings for millions of persons all over the world
      2. conversion of millions of unbelievers and those weak in faith
      3. Permanent miraculous signs (which I speculate might be trees from the Garden of Eden)

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