Can The Muslim nations win World War 3? Yes.

I have long been predicting that the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa will band together, led by Iran and Iraq, and conquer Europe. One of the more common questions I receive about this prediction is whether those nations are capable of winning such a war, given the advanced arms and well-trained forces of the U.S. and Allies? Another is whether they would even make such an attempt?

Iran probably already has some nuclear bombs. When they accumulate a certain number, at least 4 or 5, they will announce this to the world, and then ramp up production of more nukes. They need at least four, otherwise the U.S. will try to destroy one or two nukes with a special forces operation. If they have four in different locations, we couldn’t be sure of success in all places at the same time, and they could then retaliate with one of the remaining nukes. (They would need an additional nuke after retaliation to pose a continued threat.)

After the announcement, the Muslim extremists of that region will want to band together with Iran — because of the increase in power they would have by allying with a nuclear nation.

Iran will make a pact with ISIS. Iran will help ISIS take control Iraq. Then the two nations will support coups, rebellions, and outright war to conquer the other Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa to form one group of nations, led by Iran and Iraq (ISIS).

So that group of nations will have millions of men of military age, many who are unemployed, many who are already angry at the West, many who are already extremists willing to do violence. They will quickly raise a vast highly-motivated army.

They will have nuclear bombs and the will to use them. From the beginning, Iran designed their nuclear program to produce a small nuke capable of being placed on a missile. So they will have nuclear missiles not long afterward. The West has many nukes but will lack the will to use them.

The leaders of Iran and ISIS are all Twelvers. They believe it is their religious obligation to start an apocalyptic war, which will then result in the appearance of the Twelfth Imam (al-Mahdi, the guided one) and a worldwide Islamic kingdom. They believe that, by the end of the war, all non-Muslims and all “unfaithful” Muslims will have converted or be dead. The whole world will then consist of only extremist Muslims — in this extremist Islamic version of the end times. Since they believe that Allah is on their side, they will attack regardless of an evaluation of the military situation. We cannot deter this attack, we cannot prevent this war, by threat of force. They will attack once they have the means. Period.

Their first target will be New York City, as I have previously explained many times.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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  1. Rob says:

    How much do you actually know about military strategy? Because, frankly, your predictions are not very plausible. Just about every economy in the Middle East would collapse in a week without the ability to sell oil to or receive aid from the West.

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