What will happen May 7th, 2019?

Edited to add (5/9/19) Recall that I said the event might be a papal document DATED May 7th but released later. (I’ve added bolding to that point below.) Today, May 9th, Pope Francis released a document requiring reporting of abuse worldwide in the Church — dated May 7th. So there were two events on May 7th, the document and the beginning of the crisis with Iran (they announced they will restart uranium enrichment). If I’m right, this crisis with Iran will quickly snowball into full rejection of sanctions and ramping up of their nuclear program, leading to World War 3.

Edited to add (5/7/19 955 pm) If May 7th, 2019 turns out to be the starting point for World War 3, then the prophecy makes sense. The only other possibility is that something Pope Francis said or wrote on that date later comes to the attention of conservatives and pushes the schism forward.

Edited to Add (5/7/19 6:20 pm) “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an unannounced trip to Iraq on Tuesday….” The Iran news seems to be the only thing that might fit the prophecy (if it is a prophecy; there seems to be some doubt about what Grima meant).

Edited to Add (5/7/19 6 pm) Nothing much happened in the news today. The only remarkable events from a religious point of view were the Pope’s trip to Macedonia, and Iran threatening to restart their centrifuges to make 20% enriched uranium. Perhaps a future papal document will be dated May 7th; usually the release date is months in advance of the date on the document.

UPDATED: my friend from Malta says that George Grima was not a priest, and that he was associated with the museum founded by St. George Preca. He does not think it was a prophecy of an event. I’m still wondering if the date has a special significance, as discussed below.

As I said previously on Twitter: A little known mystic from Malta, George Grima (1941-1999), died on 7 May 1999. He used to say: “Upon my death count 20 years.” That would be 7 May 2019. Something important will happen on that day, and possibly also on May 13th: Google Translate Link.

On May 7th, 2019, something big will happen (per the #mysticofMalta: “Upon my death count 20 yrs”) I believe it will be an event of great importance to the Church. It might be a controversial true teaching of #PopeFrancis, which brings the great conservative #Schism to full bloom

A friend of mine from Malta disclosed the above prophecy from the mystic George Grima to me. He personally knew individuals to whom Grima made this remark (repeatedly). So Grima died on May 7th, 1999, the same day that Fr. Zlatok Sudac received the Seal of the Living God. The Seal is mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapter 7, as an event midway through the first part of the tribulation. Why did Sudac receive the Seal early? I believe it is because he is the Angelic Shepherd, the future holy Pope Raphael, who will guide the Church during the worst years of the first part of the tribulation and during the early years of healing afterward.

So this suggests that the event prophesied (rather vaguely) by Grima may be related to the tribulation. If it concerns a teaching or decision of Pope Francis, it may be the last catalyst for the great conservative schism. My prediction has long been that most conservative Catholics will leave the Catholic faith (and it is now clear of course that this is already happening under Pope Francis).

Well, it’s the evening of May 6th now (10:40 pm or so). I’ll post more about this on my blog tomorrow and the next day.

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11 Responses to What will happen May 7th, 2019?

  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Dear Ron,
    I think you have written on “Third Fatima Secret”. Its time all over the world to remind this. Pl. use your site to do this.Time to open your books. I am a Roman Catholic from Sri Lanka.(only 7%). Buddhist majority (70%) respect and now talk about Cardinal Malcom Ranjith here and compare them with their monks and how he controlled the people and avoid clash between Catholics and Muslims(9.7%) after Easter Sunday ISIS simultaneous attacks in 3 churches and 3 tourist hotels.(259 deaths and 500 injured). He asked us to love them and not to hurt any Muslims.

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Dear Ron,
    Thanks. I found your above link related to 3rd secret of Fatima. Time line ?.
    I wish to publish your above link in facebook. Is it ok?

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Ron do you think the luminous cross in the sky when all light on earth will be extinguished for a time that sr faustina prophesised will have anything to do with the warning.

  4. Kate says:

    The “great conservative schism”? Seriously? Conservatives are the fence-sitters…and the only schismatics today are those modernists who are in schism with Tradition.

    Our differences of opinion aside here, I do agree that a schism seems imminent; the increasing polarization in the Church will eventually force all Catholics to take sides and not sit on the conservative fence.

    Conservatism is not enough, because it is simply liberalism is slow motion. The true friends of the people, as St. Pius X said, are the traditionalists.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I deleted your two other comments, Kate, because you are not the Pope. I don’t permit commentators on this blog to speak as if they were a Roman Pontiff, issuing a long series of allegedly infallible truths (never actually taught infallibly by the Magisterium). Haec Sancta is not a valid Conciliar document, as it was not approved by the Pope. The same is true for the Conciliar condemnation of Honorius, which the Pope who approved of the Council’s OTHER decisions specifically rejected. Councils and Popes cannot teach or commit heresy, as proven here:

    • franciscofigueroa1 says:

      And, by the way, in the case of Honorius, condemnations are not `teachings` but decisions of the prudential order (Discipline) which can err and are reformable. Like the case of Joan of Arc, she was condemned but later canonized as a Saint.

      The Church has two types of authority: 1 the Teaching Authority and 2 the Temporal (Discipline) Authority. Discipline is not an act of the Magisterium.

  5. Matt Z. says:

    Kate:”The true friends of the people, as St. Pius X said, are the traditionalists.” Yes and traditionalists follow and are faithful to the Roman Pontiff, the Pope!

    • Ron Conte says:

      Right. The Pontiff was not approving of the traditionalist subculture, as if it were the true Church. He was using the term to refer to those faithful to Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium.

  6. Alessandro Arsuffi says:

    I think something has happened today: the Pope Just approved the pilgrimages ti Medjugorje, on May 12! That May Spark a further split in the Church as the seers have openly
    expressed their support for Francis

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