The Notre Dame Fire is a Sign from God

A reader messaged me on Twitter to opine that the Notre Dame fire, occurring as it did during Holy Week, was a message from God. I agree.

I believe that the fire is a foreshadowing of something big that is about to happen in the Church. And since the fire was very destructive, it is an event that may cause much harm, at least from a human or worldly point of view. But of course God can bring much good out of harm.

I don’t know what the event is, but it seems as if it will occur soon, and be of importance to the whole Church. We shall see.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    I agree with you. I also had the same thought in my mind when I see the pictures on

  2. jbbt9 says:

    I expected to be crushed to see pictures of the devastation inside but found myself uplifted and praising and thanking God when this was the first image i saw: Note that the altar with cross above, the sanctuary, the pulpit and even the front pews are undamaged. Even the small candles on the altar did not melt and still stand upright in their candle holders. Praise be to God. It is wondrous to see His Light shining through the darkness.

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I was moved to see the video of the French people saying the Rosary and singing Ave Maria as the Cathedral burned it reminded me of the time Pope Benedict the 16th came to the UK and the crowds who turned out to see him and how well he was received by the state and at the end of his tour Pope Benedict said that in its heart old Europe was still Christian and I see it again with the sorrow of the French after all France is still the eldest daughter of the church.

  4. Frank valente says:

    Hi Ron

    Who is the mystic of malta you mentioned on twitter?

  5. Alex says:

    I am thinking of the holy monarch and pope prophecies, so much popular in Europe before.
    And as a sign of the coming Chastisement that will not spare the House of God, rather will start from it.
    How much worse it should happen first, before the events such as Great Warning come, frankly I do not know.

  6. MG says:

    I think it was God’s providence that images of the fire and aftermath showing the cross (front page and on internet all of the world) is to shock, remind, and redirect lukewarm wayward Catholics to think and hopefully pray for the Church (Jesus Christ’s passion) during this Holy Week.

  7. Sunimal Fernando says:

    At the same time, the fire had produced another miracle of sorts. This avowedly secular country suddenly seemed to have rediscovered its sense of the spiritual yesterday, if only for a few hours.‘I have never known so many people talking openly about God, about religion and saying prayers in public,’ said caterer Marie-Astrid d’Arras. ‘So many people have become Catholic once again.’

  8. Matthew says:

    Another interesting aspect of this event is that the crown of thorns was shown to the world (during holy week no less). I didn’t know this relic was kept at Notre Dame. I didn’t even know it existed! Now, millions know about it and saw it on the news. Maybe the Lord would like the faithful to meditate more ardently on the third sorrowful mystery?

  9. Guest says:

    “The real crisis has scarcely begun.” Here is Cardinal Ratzinger’s ominous prophecy on the Church of tomorrow: “a Church that has lost much… she will have to start afresh more or less from the beginning. She will no longer be able to inhabit MANY of THE EDIFICES SHE BUILT in prosperity… We will have to count on terrific upheavals.”

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