Biblical Chronology: the 2000th Anniversary of the Crucifixion

According to my researches in biblical chronology, April 7th of 2019 is the 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion, and April 9th is the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection. Jesus was crucified in A.D. 19, not in A.D. 30 or 33 as most chronologists hold. The evidence is complex and would not fit in even a long article. See my book: Important Dates In The Lives Of Jesus And Mary

This year, April 7th is a Sunday, and Good Friday is not until April 19th. Then the true date for the Resurrection of Christ is April 9th, a Tuesday this year, while Easter Sunday is April 21st in 2019.

Now my work in chronology is certainly fallible and speculative. On the other hand, I’m convinced these are the correct dates. If you think, instead, that He was crucified in A.D. 30, the day and month would be the same: April 7th. For A.D. 33, it would be April 3rd. So the true date of the Crucifixion is approaching.

I think something momentous might happen between now and then. I don’t know what that might be.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. Marianne says:

    how did you come to this conclusion? that also means he was born in 14 BC. can that be proven?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I came to that conclusion after years of study. He was born in 15 BC and died in AD 19, 33 years and six weeks from the Incarnation to the Crucifixion. There is good evidence supporting these dates. That was also the length of Peter’s reign as Pope.

  2. John Ashcraft says:

    I just FOUND a reference to the great Lydia quake in 19 A.D.! It’s in a very old report (1957) by one Sherman E Johnson that he gave19 A.D. in a talk under the title “Early Christianity in Asia Minor”. (1958) It’s about archeological digs in that area. Of course it’s about Zeus worship which grew into the practice of Christianity. I KNEW that they must have changed the date of the quake but they MISSED this one reference!
    If this quake happened at the time of Passover in 19 A.D. that is the year He died (for us!) If it was a Jubilee year then He can return this coming Yom Kippur! 10~9~2019 WE HOPE SO! HalleluYah!


    Jayna Dinnyes.

    I found this page with a chart on it. I guess it is accurate. not sure.

    Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great, ruled Galilee from 4 BCE to 39 CE. so it is in that time frame.

    This is how you prove Bible Prophecy. You look at corresponding dates. According to this Yeshua was conceived in 4 BC on the 15th of December on the last Sabbath of the month of Kislev at the beginning of Chaukkah which ties to Noah’s Flood timeline of 40 days and 40 nights ending and to Haggais 2 9th month and 24th day. He died between 27-33 CE. Star of Bethlehem gives 2 timeframes for the 2 years from birth to visitation of the wise men at the age of 2.
    I go along with a planet conjoined with Regulus in Leo between birth and 2 years later. Others use Star of Bethlehem 14 BC begiining around 22 BC timeframe. I could be wrong on those dates. I did that study back in 2009.

  3. John Ashcraft says:

    According to Stellarium -14 BC gives us the date of Sept. 23rd as the birth on the Day of Atonement. On that date, Jupiter is cojoined with Regulus in Leo. Sun and Mars is conjoined in the birth canal of Virgo and Mercury and the Moon is conjoined in the feet of Virgo. According to Rev 12:1-2 sign, this day was the Biblical Day of Trumpet but Rev 12:1-2 came after 95 AD so you cannot use it in BC timeframes for the Day of Trumpet.
    Some Christians teach that Yahoshua was born on the Day of Trumpet. Others teach Day of Atonement and the Jewish Messianics I ran with for a while said Feast of Tabernacles Sabbath.
    Personally for me, It can be any one of the 3 as long as the 8th day lands on a Sabbath or the 4th day of the week due to Creation week tied to the Menorah.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I have 15 BC as the birth of Christ. I’m not a fan of theories that conjunctions of stars have significance. I think the Christmas star was a comet, guided by providence with supernatural aspects.

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