Article on Michael Voris and Pope Francis

Published today: The first of a 4-article series at on Michael Voris and his public statements about Pope Francis and the Bishops.

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2 Responses to Article on Michael Voris and Pope Francis

  1. Grindall says:

    Agreed, there is utterly terrible teaching going on over at Church Militant, due to faulty scholarship. Yet despite what is horribly wrong, as a journalist, MV fills an important role, showing the ignorant what is factually taking place in the Church. Today in the Vortex, he also shows his accurate and faithful understanding of The Cross, evidenced by – surprise! – a beautiful and prayerful sermon. These crop up every now and then, and are surprising because they are so inspiring.
    While angry (like Jesus with the moneychangers) MV becomes irrational, looking for scapegoats, crossing into worldly solutions such as papal resignation, and into heresy.
    Today he is stoic (as Jesus before his accusers) and in showing this side of himself – this maturity – he actually winds up very consoling. Such sermons from him are a major draw; they tend to be worth waiting for, in spite of everything else – too bad he doesn’t do more.
    So, in summation, the question is whether or not MV is basically a schizophrenic! Another example… he dedicates his apostolate to Mary, all the while rejecting Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje – one instance where he actually follows the Pope.

    *Your judgement as to whether to post this. I won’t try to defend this character after today… just not worth the labor of the keystrokes *

    • Ron Conte says:

      The Protestant heretics have some good sermons. But they also teach many heresies. Arius was an excellent orator, and was above reproach in his character (not live Voris). It still matters: the heresy, the schism, the hatred for the Pope and many of the Bishops. There’s some good at CM and a lot of evil.

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