Should Vaccines Be Required By Law?

Here’s the news story: Hundreds protest against Washington state vaccine bill that would require measles shots.

When I was in college, it was discovered that the MMR shot given to children years ago, children who were at that point in time college age, was faulty. So there was an outbreak of measles at various colleges. They revaccinated college kids around the U.S.

So on the one hand, I know that vaccines work. They save lives. They improve health care, especially for children immensely. Diseases that used to kill thousands of children every year are now prevented by a simple shot, or set of shots.

Many people today are influenced by culture so strongly that they make bad decisions. They get involved in a cultural trend, even one that is not mainstream, and it effects their life adversely. This trend against vaccinating your children is one such trend. The current set of common vaccines given to children work. They save children from suffering and from death. Childhood vaccination was a great leap forward in medicine. And now, because culture has such a strong influence over people’s decisions, we are backsliding. Children’s lives are at risk.

So laws are need to protect children’s lives, and to stop a cultural trend that is nothing but harmful.

However, in theory, using laws to mandate vaccinations could go awry in the future. Governments have a tendency to make bad decisions, just as culture does. And as medical technology advances, there may be vaccines invented that are harmful, rather than helpful. I’m concerned about future unjust laws, forcing immoral vaccines on unwilling persons.

There is such a thing as an abortion vaccine. There are two types: one vaccine causes the body to attack the developing embryo directly, and the other prevents implantation by attacking the protein that is essential to implantation (hCG). See this article: Brave New World: The Abortion Vaccine.

And some other immoral vaccines might be invented in the future. A vaccine does not necessarily have to prevent disease. It can be designed to have other functions. And so vaccines are not inherently moral; it depends on the particular vaccine whether it is good or bad.

Right now, I favor laws requiring vaccination of children. But we must be on guard against the misuse of that government power — like any government power.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian
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  1. Matt Z. says:

    Many vaccines use aborted fetal cell lines. My advice is if you are going to use a vaccine know the ingredients and get the vaccines that dont include aborted baby parts. Sometimes this means getting individual shots instead of the combined vaccines.

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