Cardinal Muller Knows Something!

Why did the Cardinal issue this Manifesto? My guess is that he found out Pope Francis is about to issue a teaching with which the Cardinal disagrees, so he is setting up a fortified doctrinal position to resist that papal teaching.

The document is here:

My full commentary on the Manifesto and my guess as to what teaching is forthcoming from Pope Francis will be in the next Newsletter, out soon! The newsletter is only for supporters.

Topics for February Newsletter:

1. Boys Will Be Girls: On Gender Ideology and Culture
2. The Council of Trent corrected Saint Thomas on Transubstantiation
3. Is ISIS near defeat in Syria?
4. On The Accusation of No Supernatural Faith
5. Commentary on Cardinal Mueller’s Manifesto: What does the Cardinal Know?!!

If Pope Francis releases a controversial document(s) before then, I will do a second Newsletter in February specializing on that topic!

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3 Responses to Cardinal Muller Knows Something!

  1. erm6 says:

    “If Pope Francis releases a controversial document(s) before then…” … or was the imam co-signed document already “the” controversial document? You expect another one?

  2. Miguel says:

    Dear Ron: you are a true catholic. Thanks for what you do and thanks for your great defense of the pope.

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