Is Abortifacient Contraception Moral for a Medical Purpose?

An Open Letter from Catholic Spouses to their Unborn Children

Dear beloved children in the womb,

Mommy and Daddy are writing you this letter to explain an important decision. Your Mommy was feeling bad, so she asked a very smart doctor to help her. He gave her a special pill. I know you will be happy to learn that the pill made Mommy feel better.

We are sorry to tell this next part. The special pill caused you to die, before being born. Mommy and Daddy didn’t want you to die. But the only way we could keep you from dying would be to give up the special pill that makes Mommy feel better, or give up a special kind of hug that makes Mommy and Daddy both feel better.

We want you to know that you are very important to us, and we love you very much. But we would rather let you die before being born than give up the things that make us feel good.

Don’t worry, little ones! We know you will be welcomed into Heaven by God, where you will be happy forever. Unfortunately, we will never meet you, since we are on the road to a different place.


Mommy and Daddy

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7 Responses to Is Abortifacient Contraception Moral for a Medical Purpose?

  1. John Platts says:

    There is something really wrong with taking abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose when doing so might result in the death of an innocent prenatal. As such, the mother was wrong to take birth control pills when doing so would in the death of an prenatal, even if the death of the prenatal is an unintended consequence.

    In the example scenario mentioned above, the mother doesn’t have her priorities straight since she values her own health more than the life of an unborn human child by choosing to take the birth control pill, even if it leads to the death of innocent prenatals. She should have either completely abstained from sexual activity or she should not have taken the birth control pill in the first place, as either of these choices would not have led to the death of an innocent prenatal.

  2. Matt Z. says:

    I wonder what would happen if I ask a Parish by me to publish this in their bulletin?

  3. Matt Z. says:

    I wont, if you dont want me to, although its a good powerful example of the evil of abortifacient contraception that is so widespread today.

  4. Bob says:

    Ron, I just want to thank you for doing things like this, much of the Catholic internet now is getting unhinged

  5. RSV says:

    Good to find a Catholic site where there aren’t disgusting things said about Pope Francis and the Vatican

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