Photos of Ronald L. Conte Jr.



The above photos were taken of me, by me, using my cellphone. I edited the photos with Paint Shop Pro 2018 and made them black and white. I don’t look too bad for 58 years of age, do I?

In the first photo, over my shoulder, you can see the draw bridge between Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven. The bridge separates lagoon pond from the Vineyard Haven bay and the Vineyard Sound (the waterway between Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod).


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4 Responses to Photos of Ronald L. Conte Jr.

  1. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    Yes, you look well. At first glance, the first photo looks like you are on a boat, sailing a boat, but you may well be on the border. Thank you for sharing.

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Its good to finally put a face to the blogger.

  3. Sunimal Fernando says:

    You have a good faith. The power of Blood of Jesus , now you are going to experience and cure.
    Praise the Lord. Alleluia.

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