Eschatology: Overview

The tribulation is divided into two parts:

A. the first part of the tribulation (also called the lesser tribulation) begins soon (21st century).

Events include World War 3, civil unrest, famine, death from a variety of causes, a great Christian Holocaust, World War 4 (an all-out nuclear war), and then a series of even more severe catastrophes, ending with the Three Days of Darkness (at the end of March in 2040 AD).

During the first part of the tribulation, a great schism occurs: first many conservatives, then many liberals leave the Church. Afterward, most of the schismatics fall away from Christianity altogether, resulting in the great apostasy. (A second great apostasy occurs during the second part of the tribulation.) Eventually, many of the apostates and schismatics repent and return to the Church.

B. The first part of the tribulation is followed by about 25 years of peace, holiness, and rebuilding.

C. As society rebuilds and technology with its modern comforts resume, old sins return and the world gradually becomes more and more disordered. This inter-tribulation period lasts several hundred years.

Four successive kingdoms rise and fall during this time:

1. the kingdom of the great Catholic monarch followed by his divided kingdom,
2. the kingdom of the bear (Russia),
3. the kingdom of the leopard (Africa, India, China, plus one other area),
4. the kingdom of the ten kings:

The end of the inter-tribulation period sees a great set of wars which results in the world being divided into ten kingdoms only, each led by a single powerful ruler. These kingdoms rule the world for about 100 years.

D. the second part of the tribulation begins with the rise to power of the Antichrist, in the 25th century AD.

The Antichrist begins as one ruler within one of the ten kingdoms, the kingdom of the north (Europe). Having gained full power over that kingdom, he goes to war against the kingdom of the south, which includes the Holy Land and northern Africa. The south is the only kingdom which tolerates Christianity; the other kingdoms outlaw and/or persecute Christians greatly. The north defeats the south by means of betrayals, leaving the military forces of both kingdoms largely intact.

The Antichrist then begins negotiations with the next two most powerful kingdoms. By means of betrayal and deception, he gains control over those kingdoms as well. Once he controls the four most powerful of the ten kingdoms, the other six submit to his rule, and he gains control over almost the whole world. (There will always be rebellions against him, from time to time and place to place.)

The Antichrist attempts to cause the world to worship him in two ways. First, he uses force and threats. This obtains the exterior worship of most of the world, except faithful Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Second, he takes council with the false prophetess (an apostate Catholic woman) and they develop a false religion, patterned after Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam, to try to cause the world to worship him.

The true Church continues to exist during the reign of the Antichrist, though without a Pope and without control over any church buildings. Worship occurs in secret, as all religions will be outlawed except that of the Antichrist. The two prophets, Enoch and Elijah, prophesy during this time, and the Antichrist is unable to stop them.

The reign of the Antichrist lasts nearly seven years, then he loses power, and the whole world realizes that he is not a god. The ten kingdoms then try to revive their former power. Ten new wicked leaders rise up, but they never succeed.

E. Christ returns and establishes His kingdom on earth. He then ascends to Heaven, and the Church rules over the whole world for about 1200 years. The first Resurrection occurs at this time. The Saints and martyrs of the past as well as those martyred under the Antichrist return to life (in a true permanent resurrection). They assist the Church in teaching and governing the whole world. However, the people of the world, other than the resurrected just, are still fallen sinners.

F. At the end of the 1200 years, Satan is released and allowed to tempt the nations. A great number of wicked persons rise up against the Church, attempting a great war. But God destroys the wicked without a battle and they are cast into Hell (where the Antichrist and the false prophetess were also sent many centuries earlier).

G. Jesus Returns a second time for the general Resurrection and general Judgment.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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6 Responses to Eschatology: Overview

  1. Carlo Stebbings says:

    Where in this course of events does the illumination of conscience, the warning and miracle take place?

  2. MG says:

    I don’t think you meant to write that the Antichrist is cast into Hell at the end of the 1200 year period?!

  3. MG says:

    Medjugorje World message:

    October 25, 2018 Message to Marija

    “Dear children! You have a great grace of being called to a new life through the messages which I am giving you. This, little children, is a time of grace, a time and a call to conversion for you and the future generations. Therefore, I am calling you, little children, pray more and open your heart to my Son Jesus. I am with you and love you all and bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

  4. Gary says:

    Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace Pedro Regis transmitted on 10/17/2018

    Dear children, you are the Lord’s and you alone must follow and serve. Show everyone that you are in the world but you are not of the world. Be careful not to be deceived. You live in a worse time than in the time of the Flood, and the time has come for your sincere return to the Lord. Difficult times will come to men and women of faith. You will be persecuted and many will retreat out of fear. Do not stand idly by. This is the time for your public and courageous witness. Bend your knees in prayer for the Church of My Jesus. I suffer for what’s waiting for you. I ask you not to depart from the way I have pointed out to you. You are free, but I ask you to do the Will of My Son Jesus. The House of God will be surrounded by enemies. The day will come when you will seek the Precious Food and in a few places you will find. This is the time of sorrow for mankind. Do not be discouraged. After all tribulation and persecution, the Lord will give you victory. Courage. God needs you. I am your Mother and I love you. When you feel weak, seek strength in My Son Jesus. He is your only hope. In Him is your true liberation and salvation. I will pray to My Jesus for you. Forward in truth. This is the message I am sending you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.

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