Perfect Metaphor for Church Problems

Here is the story. A priest permitted an amateur to restore a 500 year old statue of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The restorer painted over the fine ancient wood with neon paint, with all the skill of a kindergartner. What a metaphor.

The Church today is just like that statue. All kinds of incompetent persons are painting over Church teaching, remaking the Church according to the image of their own over-simplified and distorted understanding. And the Popes and Bishops of the Church permit it, just as a priest permitted it in the case of the statue.

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2 Responses to Perfect Metaphor for Church Problems

  1. K Miki says:


  2. Mark P. says:

    It is a good metaphor; I saw the statue. It (along with the two other botched Spanish art restorations. . .) evokes the type of raucous laughter which quickly prompts one to sober up and humbly pray, “God help us all.”

    These days, the Church goes about things quite indirectly; it is as if nothing very pressing is going on. I agree with some of the Bishops who propose that the Synod on Youth should be canceled. The calls to clean up pollution and address immigration, as noble as they are, need to take a back seat for now. I have used this analogy before: the Church at times is like a fire truck that passes by a multi-vehicle accident to help a cat stuck in a tree. Or they would be like the Baltimore or Chicago Police holding an all-hands meeting to figure out how to keep horse-drawn carriages from speeding down the street.

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