What Msgr. Charles Pope fails to understand about the abuse crisis

Here is the article at Catholicism. io

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  1. Jonathan says:

    So, what is the solution to the sexual abuse problem?

    • Ron Conte says:

      The preaching of sound doctrine against those sins so thoroughly that those who disagree or whose lives are in disagreement will leave the Church. The rejection of all grave sexual sins by the laity. The sound formation of seminarians so that they will leave the seminary, rather than be told daily that they are sinning gravely. And prompt recourse and punishment whenever a priest or theologian teaches a doctrinal error. The many errors on ethics and sexual ethics in the Church today are allowing persons who commit these sins to justify themselves inwardly.

  2. Jeff says:

    The only point i disagree with is the internet, because much of this occurred in the 70s and 80s, and the web came around 1995. Pornography, maybe, although I think this is an abuse of power issue.

  3. Marco says:

    Ron, I disagree that most of those abusers were not homosexuals. A pedophile can be heterosexual or homosexual since he has a disordered (very gravely disordered) attraction towards children, who haven’t developed the Secondary sexual characteristics. But an homosexual molester isn’t attracted to young teen girls or young women, just like a heterosexual molester isn’t attracted to young teen boys or young adults.

    Pederastia is NOT pedophilia and the two shouldn’t overlap.

    Even the report of the gran jury said that only 17% of the abused were related to pedophilia, while the rest were homosexual abuses and heterosexual abuses (even though the eterosessuali abuses were the vast minority).

    From here https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/majority-of-predator-priests-were-gay-and-abused-male-teens-pa-grand-jury-r

    “The biggest target group for the abusers was teenagers. Over three-quarters of the abusive priests were pederasts. Of those, one fifth (21%) chose adolescent girls as their victims while four-fifths (79%) chose adolescent boys. Contrary to a popular notion about predator priests, only seventeen percent (17%) of the offenders could be categorized as pedophiles, of which roughly two thirds (⅔) were homosexual and one third (⅓) were heterosexual. “

    The sooner we aknowledge that most of the problems we are experiencing come from having ordained lots and lots of homosexual who shouldn’t have been ordained in the first place, the better.

    And, in fact, from the same link

    “Despite the fact that the Grand Jury investigation revealed that the vast majority of victims had been boys, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro filled the stage with mostly female victims as props for Wednesday’s televised news conference. In the end, the optics of the national media event didn’t jive with the content of the massive report, especially since the AG also avoided pointing his finger at the disproportionate number of unchaste homosexual priests as the main source of scandal for the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. Investigative journalist George Neumayr who was present at AG Shapiro’s press conference offered valuable insight on this via Facebook: The vibe yesterday at the Harrisburg press conference was very odd. Attorney General Josh Shapiro, an LGBT-backed Democrat, stacked the victims’ dais with female, not male, victims, even though most of the victims are male. I don’t think the composition of Shapiro’s dais was an accident. He does not want the public to see this scandal for what it largely is: a product of a very sick Gay Mafia in the Church that overlooks the homosexual pederasty of the Cardinal McCarricks.
    Shapiro’s downplaying of the preponderance of homosexual abuse may have been a political calculation, possibly meant to avoid offending his many gay Democrat donors.”

    It has been shown that some people are trying to downplay the homosexual nature of many of the abuses. We shouldn’t fall in the same trap.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I know from working with hundreds of victims, and from meeting abusers and finding out about them from therapists and psychiatrists: most men who abuse are not gay; they have adult sexual relationships with women, not men; they abuse both boys and girls, or whichever they happen to have access to; they do not have a gender reference when abusing. There are also persons who are pedophiles, and there are some gay abusers. But most are as I described them.

    • Marco says:

      There is a simple experiment to be made: let’s defrock the homosexual priests and bishops and we will see that the abuses will fall dramatically. I’m willing to bet on it.

      I agree with Bishop Morlino https://www.catholicregister.org/home/international/item/27844-homosexual-subculture-is-source-of-sex-abuse-devastation-in-the-church-bishop-morlino-says and i think that it is not a coincidence that many decades ago we didn’t have all these abuses in the Church: the homosexuals weren’t accepted in the seminaries, i think this is a huge part of the solution.

      The homosexual priests are also more likely to commit grave sins because they are put into a situation of grave temptation, since they are attracted to men and the seminaries are literally full of men.

      And even John A Monaco, a seminarian who has been abused, said that in his seminary the practice of homosexual consensual acts was very widespread.

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