New Catholic theology website:

Yesterday, I launched a new website: The site will focus on 4 key subject areas:
1. Theology of the body
2. Sexual ethics
3. Salvation
4. Church teaching

One of the main purposes of is to argue against the errors found in the popular version of the theology of the body. Christopher West and others are using the name and reputation of John Paul II in order to preach their own ideas, including grave errors. They have taken the wise and insightful theology of the body of a holy Pope-Saint, and turned it into a form of idolatry of sex and of the body. My recent post on that site, Marital Sex and the Spousal Analogy proves this point.

Another purpose of the site is to argue against common errors on the subject of sexual ethics. It is commonly thought, by many conservative Catholics, that the popular conservative priests, theologians, and authors are reliable sources of Church teaching. But instead many grave errors are being spread by these teachers, especially on sexual ethics and contraception. will point out these errors, and teach the truth instead.

Please spread the word about this new site.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. Francisco says:

    I saw the new site and it’s looking good. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to the articles.

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