Ten Conservative Failures of Faith

1. Restricting the definition of contraception, as an intrinsically evil act, to its use in marriage.
2. Permitting abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose, despite the deaths of innocent prenatals.
3. Justifying unnatural sexual acts in marriage.
4. Promoting the perverse theology of the body taught by Christopher West.
5. Replacing the total inerrancy of the Bible with limited inerrancy.
6. Redefining popular intrinsically evil acts, so as to approve of them in certain cases (e.g. lying).
7. Adhering to the grave error that a Pope can teach or commit heresy.
8. Undermining and opposing Pope Francis because he is liberal.
9. Treating the open question of women deacons as if it were settled doctrine.
10. Narrowing the path of salvation to exclude most non-Christians.

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1 Response to Ten Conservative Failures of Faith

  1. Mark P. says:

    #s 1-6 are more pronounced by liberals and in most cases are more extreme. For many of them, contraception and unnatural acts should be accepted in their entirety.

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