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  1. Matt says:

    I was asked to justify why the Coptic Orthodox are way, way, way more conservative than Catholics.

    First, Coptics have to fast from food during certain times of the day, for most of the year. Second, Coptics have 3 hour masses, Catholics only have 1 hour masses.

    Regarding sex, Coptics are insanely more conservative.
    This is true because following Coptic Orthodox teaching almost certainly means as much as twice as much abstinence for most couples. They cannot have sex on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, ect. If one adds it up this is more than 210 days of sexual abstinence a year. The Coptic Orthodox are literally so strict on sex, that NFP becomes laughably easy when one already has to abstain for 210 days of the year.

    Furthermore, Catholics do not forbid “passionate kissing,” while most Coptics are against passionate kissing before marriage.

    1. Both condemn premarial sex and adultry
    2. Catholics are more conservative on divorce and remarriage
    3. Conservative Coptic Orthodox believe that contraception is wrong as well, but the issue is disputed because of the “liberals,” quite like foreplay is disputed in the Catholic Church because of the “liberals.” But it makes as much sense to say Coptics are pro-contraceptives as it does to say Catholics are pro-oral-foreplay, because “liberals” say so.
    4. The Coptic Orthodox EXPLICITELY forbid oral/ anal foreplay, or mutual masturbation.

    Finally, some Coptics are so conservative that they only allow the missionary position.

  2. matthieu says:

    What importance can be given to the words of a saint ?

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