Prayers Request

I’m still in need of continued prayers. Please consider offering the Mass you attend for my benefit, especially for guidance concerning my health.

Ron Conte

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7 Responses to Prayers Request

  1. Maurilio Piazza says:

    I will, Mr. Conte.

  2. Matt Z. says:

    I will, and I will also say prayers to St.Gemma for you.

  3. jbbt9 says:

    Sorry to hear you are still suffering so much.
    I am doing as you ask. There is an Irish nun, a Poor Clare, named Sr. Briege Mc Kenna. She received the gift of healing.Try to contact her by phone. Leave a message asking for a call back. She is based in Florida but travels the world with Fr. Kevin Scanlon doing intercession ministries for priests. She also does healing retreats in parishes. At times she will pray over the phone with you for healing. She did this over 30 years ago for a friend of mine who had cancer. The cancer went away and never bothered her again. Needless to say, my friend has had plenty of other ailments since. That phone healing took place after a single healing phone call between Florida and Ireland.
    God bless.

  4. Francisco says:

    In my prayers.

  5. Tom Mazanec says:

    Need a Q&A agin.
    I am bothered by wondering why, if God knows a person will go to Hell if they live a full life, why He doesn’t end the person’s life before their Mortal Sin is committed.

    • Ron Conte says:

      It would be unfair to deprive persons with free will of the full use of their ability to make important decisions, for better or worse. And how would it be more fair for God to kill anyone who was about to sin gravely?

  6. Marco says:

    I’ll offer a specific Mass for you, Ron.

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