The first review of “The Catholic Marriage Bed”

My book, The Catholic Marriage Bed, received its first Amazon review here [now gone because I’ve updated the book to a Revised Edition]. Lots of personal insults not related to the book. Some unrelated criticism of my believe in Medjugorje and my work in eschatology. A good deal of name-calling. But, all in all, he liked it. Two stars. Bizarre review.

On a related note, what do my readers think of Christopher West and Gregory Popcak? What do you think of the theology of the body?

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6 Responses to The first review of “The Catholic Marriage Bed”

  1. Matt Z. says:

    I own the book, I am half way through. Expect a solid review from me.

  2. Francisco says:

    I’m not particularly familiar with the work of Gregory Popcak. However, i know that Christopher West’s version of theology of the body is very distorted in comparison with the real TOTB by St. JP2.

    Alice M. von Hildebrand made a very good critique of Christopher West’s work:

    What I find troubling is that many young people who is sincerely interested to learn about TOTB goes to Wes’s distorted version. I tell them not to go to that distorted version, but instead to go to the Real TOTB by St. JP2.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The real TOB is theologically and philosophically dense, so they can’t penetrate its meaning. Then the dumbed-down version by West introduces all kinds of grave errors, but is easy to understand. Some of these bishops just seem happy that crowds of people are excited about religion; they don’t care that it is filled with grave error.

  3. Amanda says:

    I just bought your book from Amazon. I’m not very far yet, still getting through the introduction. I’m actually writing a paper on pretty much the exact same thing—challenging the views of West and Popcak on what they consider licit in marriage. I had no clue someone else already had this idea. Praise God! I am also using the Magisterium, Scripture, the saints and modern writers like Alice von Hildebrand to refute their claims. I am finding your book very helpful in helping me to find sources. It’s refreshing to finally find a writer on this topic who agrees that marriage doesn’t give people license to be beasts. God bless you.

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