April 7th, 1999 years ago, Jesus Died

According to my research in Biblical chronology, as explained in my book Important Dates in the Lives of Jesus and Mary, the true date of the Crucifixion was Friday, April 7th, 19 AD. And if I am correct, then this Saturday is the 1999th anniversary of the Crucifixion — or the 2000th, if you count the day and year itself of the event as the first year. And then Monday, April 9th of this year, is likewise the 1999th anniversary of the Resurrection.

Friday, April 6th of 2018 is the 1999th anniversary of the Last Supper and First Mass. Therefore, there are 2000 calendar years which contain some celebrations of the Eucharist and Mass, from AD 19 to 2018, inclusive.

Saturday would be a good day to pray to God for any special favor that you devotedly desire, with the intention of commemorating the Crucifixion 1999 years ago. Go to Confession and the Vigil Mass, and pray for the intentions of Pope Francis along with your own intention.

And Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. So, to get the special plenary indulgence of that day, go to Confession and Mass, receive Communion, and say a prayer for the Pope’s intentions.

Note that many Biblical chronologists believe that Jesus died in AD 30, on Friday, April 7th, and rose from the dead on Sunday, April 9th. So those dates work in a common opinion for the historical dates, and not only in my unusual chronology.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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