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  1. Francisco says:

    Question regarding plenary indulgences:
    Let’s say a person on earth gains plenary indulgence dedicated for a soul in Purgatory who has recently passed away but who has lived a very sinful life (but, obviously not to the extent of an actual mortal sin). Since this soul led a sinful life throughout his entire life, he would need to spend a long time in Purgatory in order to remit all his temporal punishments due. Now, would a plenary indulgence gained for that person from someone on earth increase or intensify his sufferings in Purgatory to a greater degree so that he would have to go to Heaven faster, rather than staying longer time without any increase of sufferings in order to remint his punishment for his sin without an indulgence gained for him? or how would that work? – (hope the question makes sense). I suppose that a soul in Purgatory feels the benefit from a plenary indulgence, but at the same time God is merciful and Just so that all of his punishments are paid.

    • Ron Conte says:

      A plenary indulgence forgives the punishment due, so the person would enter heaven immediately, without any further pains. However, if a person were so sinful that it would be unfair to receive that indulgence, God reduces it to partial or He applies it to someone more deserving.

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