Are Some Persons Above The Law?

In secular society, daily we read about persons with money, fame, and power who have committed serious crimes. The victims and witnesses come forward. And yet they are not arrested. Days, weeks, and months pass, and they still walk free. In theory, no one is above the law. But, in practice, some persons clearly are beyond the reach of the law, so that, even when everyone knows that a particular person is a serial rapist, or has committed various acts of assault and battery of a sexual nature, there is no arrest and no trial.

Thankfully, it is not that way in the Church.

Persons who teach heresy and other grave errors on faith and morals are praised and given positons of leadership. Persons who are obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin, by teaching error, are given Communion by Bishops and priests without hesitation. Professors of moral theology, who justify direct abortion, abortifacients, contraception, and grave sexual sins are seen as fit to teach seminarians and even as fit to correct the Roman Pontiff. The divorced and remarried, many of whom are not ready to receive Communion, are daily denounced and denigrated, by others who commit worse sins themselves.

Conservatives, who severely distort the teaching of the Church on contraception and abortifacients, approving of these grave sins in most cases, rail against the appointment, to the Pontifical Academy of Life, of a priest-theologian who approves of contraception in fewer cases, and who approves of killing the innocent by euthanasia, rather than by abortion and abortifacients. It’s like a thief accusing a robber. “It is wrong for you to rob banks,” says the bank manager who embezzles an even larger sum.

Who sins more, a serial rapist or a teacher of ethics who convinces Catholics to use abortifacients, killing their own unborn children? Well, murder is worse than rape (though not much worse). But these murderers kill many more persons than the rapist attacks, as their teaching affects tens of thousands of lives. And these murderers do their killing under the guise of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They actually convince the weak in faith (or weak in intellect) that the use of abortifacients and in some cases the choice of direct abortion is approved by the teaching of Christ and His Church.

Which is worse, a person who robs a bank but admits that robbery is wrong, or a person who convinces others that murder is not murder, but an act of love and mercy approved by God? The latter is much worse.

Okay, so it is that way in the Church.

Some Catholic leaders are above the law. They can be obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin, the sin of teaching grave errors on faith and morals, and no one even suggests that they should repent and confess before receiving Communion. Some Catholic leaders approve of direct abortion or abortifacients, and they are praised as defenders of orthodoxy and as giants in their field of ethics. Ethics! These teachers approve of abortifacient contraception used by married Catholics, and also claim that the spouses can commit all manner of pornographic acts in the Sacrament of Marriage, as if approved by God. They turn the marriage bed into an altar of pornography and abortion. If a liberal Catholic teaches error, he is loudly denounced by conservative Catholics who teach worse errors.

And I can’t seem to convince more than a handful of Catholics that grave error has entered the teaching of most conservative Catholics. They assume that conservatism equals orthodoxy. You could try to define it that way. But, in fact, many leaders widely accepted as conservatives teach errors every bit as bad as liberals teach.

So, what will happen next? Pope Francis, and then also his successor, will teach ideas contrary to the understanding of these elaborately-adorned white-washed tombs, and they will formally depart from the Church, taking most of their readers and listeners with them. Already, what they teach is not true Catholicism, but a greatly distorted version of the Faith. They are like the Samaritans, who followed an altered version of the Jewish religion. Soon, they will reject Jerusalem, and worship only in their little towns, their little online cliques.

Catholic universities are partly to blame for this problem. The longer a student spends at the university, the less they believe in what the Church teaches. A professor cannot advance in such an environment, if he or she supports every teaching of the Magisterium. Scholarship is implicitly thought to be a reimagining of the Catholic Faith. Biblical scholarship begins with the claim that the Bible should be interpreted without faith, as if it were an object discovered and analyzed by archaeologists, and not the living Word of God. And if a theology professor openly rejects or radically reinterprets magisterial teaching, he or she is not fired, but rather praised and promoted.

Our future priests, the seminarians who study at colleges and universities, are being taught by heretics and schismatics. What will become of them when they are priests? Will they spread these grave errors among their flocks? The Church is in a dire state. She is a great ship tossed about by wind and wave, while the ship’s band plays happy tunes ever more loudly.

The Church and the world are about to be severely punished by God in the first part of the tribulation. It is well-deserved suffering. Far too many persons are unrepentant from grave sin. And yet they are treated like Saints and Apostles by their unrepentant followers.

I don’t know what else to say.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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3 Responses to Are Some Persons Above The Law?

  1. Tom Mazanec says:

    Pope Francis, and then also his successor, will teach ideas contrary to the understanding of these elaborately-adorned white-washed tombs, and they will formally depart from the Church, taking most of their readers and listeners with them.

    I don’t understand. Why would they formally depart, instead of just saying the Pope is wrong and continuing as they are now?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Yes, I think they will accuse the Pope of heresy outright, and claim that he is no longer a valid Pope. That is formal schism, a formal departure. Presently, most papal critics treat him very badly, but they fall short of a public formal declaration against him.

    • Tom Mazanec says:

      Well, there are the Sedevacantists…

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