A Quick Note To Readers

There have been lots of comments on my blog lately, which is good. Sorry if it takes me a while to get to read and approve of your comment. Note that I don’t necessarily agree with comments, merely because I let them through the moderation process. Also, I don’t necessarily read every comment in its entirety. For long comments especially, I might just skim it and approve (or delete).

The reason for deleting a comment is nothing other than my own split-second judgment. That’s just the risk you run if you comment here. If you have a lengthy and important comment, keep a copy on your computer, as I might delete it.

Some of my posts are expressions of Church teaching, and others are my opinion on an open question. It is sometimes a matter of disagreement among theologians as to whether an idea is infallible (dogma), or non-infallible doctrine, or opinion. You are free to disagree with me. I do expect Catholics to accept Church teaching, especially infallible teachings. But you might disagree with a doctrine by way of a different understanding of what is being taught. That has reasonable limits, though. One limit is the interpretation or understanding that the Church has always given or held.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, along with lively discussion, from my readers.

Ron Conte

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