Yes, Francis is definitely the Pope

here’s a good article from Jeff Mirus at On the lunatic fringe, Francis is not the Pope. Mirus refutes the idea that Benedict is still the Pope, or that Francis could, for any reason, be considered a false pope or antipope. His points:

1. Benedict’s resignation was definitely valid.
2. Francis was duly elected by the Cardinals.
3. “There is absolutely no other way for a pope to lose his office except through death or resignation. He cannot lose it through “heresy”, nor can he lose it because of sin, nor for gross ineptitude.”
4. The Church is indefectible.

You can disagree with Pope Francis. But it is neither faithful nor reasonable to say that Francis is not a valid Pope.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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3 Responses to Yes, Francis is definitely the Pope

  1. Jay says:

    Ron – Here’s the argument I have read. Not really addressed by your link. Benedict could have resigned , gone back to Germany moved in with his brother and lived a simple retired life . Instead he “resigned” took the title of emeritus, maintained his white clerical garment, continued to live in the Vatican and attempted to bifurcate the Papacy by keeping the Papal spirituality but rejecting the public ministry portion of the Papacy. Of course the last Pope to resign, hundreds of years ago, went back to his hermitage.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Emeritus is what any bishop or priest is called after they resign or retire. So it is a “title” of resignation. Also, he has said he prefers to be called Father Benedict, like a humble parish priest. The white garment was worn to show that he is no longer Pope. The Pope has two types of authority, the teaching authority and the temporal authority (the two swords). Father Benedict has retained neither. It is ridiculous to say that the Papal role has a “papal spirituality” (which is apparently not public?) and then also the public ministry. That explanation makes no sense at all. A retired Pope, Bishop, or priest certainly continues his private spirituality.

  2. Mark P. says:

    Even if Pope Benedict had passed from natural causes, a certain segment of persons would have deemed the circumstances suspicious and Pope Francis would be implicated in a conspiratorial cover-up of his death. These conspiracy theories seem to constitute a form of gnosticism wherein those who disagree with a successive person or regime’s opinions and practices can understand them only by attributing their elevation to acts of sabotage.

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