Discussion of the Poll on Pope Francis

In my previous post, I held a Poll similar to the one on another blog, asking if Pope Francis is the current valid Pope. 30 persons answered the Poll question 1. Only 1 person said that Francis is not the Pope; that person said Benedict is still the Pope because (per Question 2) Benedict’s resignation was not effective. The other 29 persons said Francis is the current valid Pope.

The website which began the Poll, the blog of someone called “Saint Louis Catholic“, had quite a different result, with very many respondents claiming that Francis is not the Pope. So that blog attracts and supports schismatics, while my blog attracts faithful Catholics..

Who is behind the Saint Louis Catholic blog? We don’t know. Like so many Catholics who spread grave errors on faith and morals online, that blog author is anonymous. He appears to be a schismatic Catholic living in Saint Louis, Missouri. Why doesn’t he give his real name? Perhaps he is active in a Catholic parish, and he doesn’t want his pastor and bishop to know that he has rejected Pope Francis and is therefore automatically excommunicated for the sin of formal schism.

The internet is bringing heretics and schismatics together, to support and encourage one another in their sins, and to spread their errors worldwide. The internet is one of the reasons that the currently unfolding schism has proceeded so rapidly. But Catholics can also use the internet for good, as a way to support the Pope and the true Faith.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.


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6 Responses to Discussion of the Poll on Pope Francis

  1. Guest says:

    Here is my contribution: The successors of St. Peter have never failing faith. If a pope appears to have no faith, either he was never the pope to begin with or your judgement on his faith is mistaken. There’s no good evidence to suggest that Pope Francis was not elected validly. It’s a conspiracy theory spread by false private revelation (that teach errors like the idea that the Church can defect or that public revelation has not closed) and people who disagree with his style of governing the Church. Furthermore the bishops unaminously accepted his authority, and the Church cannot be headed by an imposter, because it contradicts the purpose of the Church. Nor can the Church become invisible. In fact, the Church is indefectible BECAUSE the Pope’s faith cannot fail. If there is no current successor to St Peter, the Church CAN defect because nobody else has the gift of never failing faith, the Rock on which it is built would be missing, and it would be a house built on sand. Therefore, unless you are absolutely certain he is teaching heresy, submit to him as a teacher. For if he’s a valid pope he CANNOT be a heretic too. Submit to him in humility.

  2. Mark P. says:

    Many Catholics who at least outwardly appear to be faithful and who I believe love our Lord and the Church with all their hearts can be tempted to be led astray from the Holy Father. I think people are correct to take an interest in what is going on in the Church because ultimately it affects us all, and we need to be prepared to look at the truths of our faith in order to understand, live and defend them. That being said, it seems that many people put the messages of both approved and non-approved private revelations ahead of the Gospels. They take the bait on sensationalist articles and conspiracies concerning Fatima and reduce the faith to one private revelation. There indeed seems to be a subset of people who almost wholly rely on Fatima alone to guide their faith. My understanding and practice of the faith is not perfect and I am always trying to learn more. But it appears at times that some folks have established almost a separate church that places the Blessed Mother above our Lord and her messages above the Gospels.

  3. Tom Mazanec says:

    How can one be happy in Heaven if a loved one is in Hell?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Everyone in Heaven understands that Hell is just punishment, and that the souls in Hell are entirely devoid of true selfless love. If a loved one in this life commits a serious crime, and is unrepentant, you have to accept that they may spend time in prison as a just punishment. It’s similar with Hell.

    • Tom Mazanec says:

      Yes, I know that the punishment in Hell is just, just as I know that the prison sentence in your example is just. But if my loved one was justly in prison I would still feel sad. That is why I can’t understand how I could be happy in Heaven in such a situation.

    • Ron Conte says:

      You feel sad on earth because you are a fallen sinner. And you can’t see how you could be happy in Heaven because we all cannot imagine what it will be like to have the Beatific Vision of God and the Beatific Union with God. So there’s no other explanation I can give. You won’t be upset in Heaven at the just punishments in Hell.

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