Is Pope Francis the Current Valid Pope? Poll (closed)

UPDATED (see my subsequent post on this topic.)

Yes, he is the current valid Pope. To hold or say otherwise is the grave sin of formal schism, and carries the penalty of automatic excommunication.

A blogger who calls himself “thetimman” and “Saint Louis Catholic” discusses a poll of his readers: Pope vs. Antipope: Dissecting the Poll. The poll asked two questions:


Francis is Pope 16%
Benedict is Pope 72%
Some other person is Pope 1%
No one is Pope 9%


Benedict’s abdication was not effective 38%
Francis’ election was invalid 5%
Francis has lost his office due to heresy 4%
Some combination of the above 42%
Neither Francis nor Benedict was ever pope 8%

So only 16% of his readers think that Pope Francis is the current valid Roman Pontiff. A large percentage think that Benedict is still Pope, despite his resignation and his own obedience to Francis as his valid successor. Some think Francis was never Pope, some think his election was invalid, some think he lost his office via heresy. Many think that Benedict’s resignation was not effective.

Essentially, a large percentage of the readers of that blog are in a state of schism, having utterly rejected the authority of Pope Francis. And 8% think that even Pope Benedict XVI was never a valid Pope.

OK Let’s see what my readers say about these questions:

First Question (Which best describes your opinion about the current pope?)

Second Question (If you chose any answer in poll above that indicates Francis is not pope, why do you think so?)

I will post the results and comment on them in a few days. (see my subsequent post on this topic.)

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6 Responses to Is Pope Francis the Current Valid Pope? Poll (closed)

  1. Mark P. says:

    Yes, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, is the valid Pope.

  2. Tom Mazanec says:

    Having a Poll on a blog is like having a poll on Fox News over Obamacare…the results are almost predetermined by preselection.
    I expect 95-100% of your readers to vote Francis is Pope, for example. A poll on a sedevacantist blog would have 95-100% that he is not.

  3. Spocky Ramone says:

    Hey Ron,

    I would love your input up on this. The article claims 67%of Catholics support alternate lifestyle marriage.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t know what the percentages are, but a lot of Catholics have been influenced by secular society to believe things contrary to the Faith. Father Martin is not helping the situation. He should be defending Church teaching, not undermining and contradicting it.

  4. Guest says:

    So I’m studying logic. Is this a valid argument against sedevecantism?

    If a heretic is one who cannot become a pope it means that one who can become pope is not a heretic. Therefore, who ever judges a valid pope to be a heretic is a heretic himself, for he denies a heretic is one cannot become a pope.

    • Ron Conte says:

      If the Church ever teaches, infallibly, that no Pope can fall into heresy, then accusing a Pope of heresy would be itself a heresy. I think that the teaching of Vatican I, based on Scripture, implies that no Pope can teach or commit heresy, but perhaps it is not a formal dogma. However, accusing any Pope of heresy is the sin of schism, since it implies refusal of submission to his authority.

      In my opinion, if a heretic is ever elected Pope, when he freely accepts his office the prevenient grace of God extinguishes all heresy in his heart and mind. And every current Pope is protected from teaching or committing heresy by that same grace.

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