Will Pope Francis teach on Salvation this November?

Rome Reports: Pope Francis may travel to Bangladesh and Myanmar in November. Those two nations have very few Christians. Myanmar is 90% Buddhist, while Bangladesh is 90% Muslim.

Concerning the Muslim minority in Myanmar, Pope Francis (Feb 2017) stated: “They are our brothers and sisters, and they have suffered for years. Many are tortured and killed, simply by living their traditions and Muslim faith. Let us pray for them, and I invite you to pray to Our Father in heaven for them.”

We can only pray for the souls of human persons who have been killed if they possibly are in Purgatory. The souls in Heaven do not need our prayers. The souls in Hell cannot benefit from our prayers. So Pope Francis is implying that faithful Muslims, who truly love God, die in a state of grace and therefore are saved.

I expect Pope Francis to teach on salvation theology sometime in the coming months. He has repeatedly suggested a liberal view of salvation, including that non-Christian believers and non-believers (atheists) can die in the state of grace. And the new Prefect of the CDF, Archbishop Ladaria, has a liberal view on salvation theology. A trip to two nations with minority Christian populations would be the perfect time to issue such an encyclical.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
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2 Responses to Will Pope Francis teach on Salvation this November?

  1. Guest says:

    “We can only pray for the souls of human persons who have been killed if they possibly are in Purgatory.”

    Wouldn’t this be most people (except Judas and people who have been revealed to be damned in private revelation)? That is, we know that some people are in hell, just not exactly who?

    Can we pray for people because of our lack of certitude, or because most people are truly saved?

    • Ron Conte says:

      We can pray for most people, except those we know are in Heaven (Saints) and those we are pretty damn sure are in Hell (dictators, terrorists). Yes, the lack of certitude and the principle that most are saved lets us pray for almost anyone.

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