When the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks of Freemasonry

When the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks (rarely) about the dangers of “freemasons” or “freemasonry”, she is using a figure of speech to warn about those persons who would chip away at the stones of the foundation of the Church: Her teachings. The danger is not from some secret society, but from our fellow Catholics who proudly think that their own ideas should replace Church teaching. The danger is that sinful secular society will excessively influence the faithful, so that they will wish to alter or replace Church teachings with grave errors and foolish ideas.

Historically, the masons (or stonemasons) and freemasons were a group of workers, who worked with stone. There’s nothing wrong with that profession. Then they formed guilds, to promote their profession. There’s also nothing wrong with that. But then a particular form of this guild, organized across multiple nations, gained a great deal of political power and social influence. And at some point, the group turned against the Catholic Church, which at that time also had much political power and social influence. Finally, the group developed its own secret form of religion, accessible only at the upper echelons of the freemasons, which was essentially Satanic.

For a time, the freemasons had much power, and they sought to deprive the Church of her influence over society. But, as time passed, this group gradually lost power. Today, it is a mere remnant of its former wicked power. However, the group remains devoted to the same false evil religion, at its upper levels. And so it is still a grave sin for any Catholic (or anyone else) to become a freemason. See this website: John Salza.

Now, in some messages of false private revelation, Mary or Jesus or whoever is supposedly issuing the messages (which are false) warns the faithful against freemasonry, as if the literal freemasons group were a threat to the Church. This type of warning is a clear indication that the messages and apparitions are false. Freemasonry does not have the power to represent a threat to the worldwide Church. Any messages presenting any type of religious conspiracy theory, whether it is based on freemasons or “the illuminati” or some other group are false private revelation. Jesus and Mary do not promote conspiracy theories.

However, in a few true private revelations, the messages from Jesus or Mary speak of freemasonry as a figure. Masons replace stones and chip away at stones. The foundational stones of the Church are Her teachings. Figurative masons replace or chip away at those teachings which are the building blocks of the Church. The figurative “masons” or “freemasons” of today are those Catholics who oppose, undermine, or radically reinterpret Church teaching. The threat is not from an outside group, but from false teachers and false leaders within the Church. These are the freemasons about which Mary is speaking in certain true private revelations.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have spoken out against this type of false teacher many times. But the Church is very large; there are over a billion Catholics in the world. There are many more false teachers in the Church than I could ever name or specifically refute. The Church today faces a very grave existential crisis. The number of false teachers and their influence over the flock of Jesus Christ is very large. There are far more false teachers than true teachers. Very many theologians have gone astray, and are teaching false doctrine, with the claim that it is merely a correct understanding of Church teaching. They have replaced the teachings of the Church with false teachings, or they have altered the Church’s teachings, making changes here and there, so as to make room for grave sin.

And these false teachers seem to be approved by the Church. They have teaching positions at Seminaries and Catholic Universities. They have the approval of Bishops and priests. They have a wide following online.

Yes, the internet has made this situation much worse. There are very many false teachers on the internet, who hide under a pseudonym, and yet they claim to be presenting the true teaching of the Church. But their teachings are, first of all, very incompetent. They have badly misunderstood even the most basic doctrines. And then, too, they make various theological excuses for grave sin. They far outnumber true teachers on the internet. And they have more support from the Catholics in the pews, because they water down the Gospel, making it easier to accept by justifying popular grave sins and by oversimplifying theological principles.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    8500 people run the entire world now (7.5 billion population). Is above true? Is Black Mass held somewhere now? Is there any leader for this freemasonry or Illuminati or Power Elite groups ?

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