Are There Any Catholic Colleges Left in America?

Which colleges and universities are truly Catholic Christian in nature? I suggest that the following criteria should be met by any institution of higher learning claiming to be Catholic.

1. Most students are believing and practicing Catholic Christians.
2. Most faculty are believing and practicing Catholic Christians.
3. Everyone who teaches theology or ethics is a believing and practicing Catholic whose teaching is entirely free from heretical and schismatic errors.
4. The policies, rules, and regulations of the institution are entirely in accord with Catholic teaching.
5. The health services offered by the institution do not include contraception, abortifacients, abortion, IVF, nor any other immoral medical services.

Meeting the first two criteria would be difficult because most Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics do not believe and practice the true Catholic faith. They commit grave sexual sins without repentance. They rarely go to Confession. They do not accept and follow Church teaching on contraception and abortion. They support same-sex marriage and other grave sins promoted by sinful secular society.

Tenure should not be extended to anyone guilty of teaching heresy, or any grave doctrinal error. Any tenured instructor who is later found to be teaching heresy or grave error should lose tenure and be fired.

The third of the five criteria is especially difficult. Most teachers of the Catholic faith at Catholic colleges teach heresy. Some openly oppose the teaching of the Magisterium. Others claim to accept magisterial teaching, but in fact they have radically reinterpreted Church teaching. They teach heresy under the guise of teaching doctrine. And they are not at all in danger of having their Catholic college fire them, or having the local Bishop rebuke them. Heretics are teaching the faithful at Catholic colleges, and no one seems to have noticed.

The policies of a truly Catholic college should discourage extra-marital sex as much as possible. Dormitories and other college-sponsored living quarters should prohibit cohabitation. Suspension and expulsion should be used as penalties against anyone committing this sin. Some evangelical colleges have had similar rules for many years now.

A truly Catholic college should not allow any student groups on campus which are contrary to Catholic teaching. Sinful secular society has decided that certain grave sins are actually rights and freedoms. A Catholic college should not accept this absurd pretense. The college should never, in any way at all, support the current claims of gender ideology.

Guest speakers on campus should not include anyone who is openly opposed to any Catholic doctrine on faith, morals, and salvation. The same prohibition should apply to any college sponsored research or group. Only persons and activities consonant with the teaching of Christ through His Church should be permitted.

Health services offered by the college or university, whether merely paid for, or actually carried out, by the institution, should not include contraception, abortifacients, abortion, IVF, or other immoral services.

Are there any Catholic colleges or universities which meet these criteria? I know of none. Every theology faculty includes teachers of heresy. Every student body has faithful Catholics as a small minority among non-Catholics and unfaithful Catholics. Every student body includes Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics who are guilty and unrepentant from multiple grave sins.

And if you wanted to start a new Catholic college, one which meets the above criteria, I don’t think it would be possible. There are too many unfaithful Catholics in the Church, and too few faithful teachers.

The Church is in a very dire state today, and few persons seem to have noticed. It is like a population of lepers, each of whom insists that he or she is entirely healthy, and not in need of a physician at all.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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5 Responses to Are There Any Catholic Colleges Left in America?

  1. missy681 says:

    There are 18 on the list this year: the Cardinal Newman society works each year to ensure that Catholic parents have access to what you’re talking about.

  2. Andrew Golden says:

    I am a graduate of Christendom College (class of 2014), and I can assure the author with complete confidence that Christendom remains founded in the precepts of the Faith.

  3. Tom Mazanec says:

    1. Most students are believing and practicing Catholic Christians.
    2. Most faculty are believing and practicing Catholic Christians.

    Does “most” mean 50%+1?

  4. Jeff says:

    I visited Christendom in 1993 as a prospective student with my parents prior to going to the seminary, and i have to disagree with the above comment unless things there have changed….

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