My latest book, a novel, is now available

The book is titled: Actress slash Criminal: a Berry Winter novel. It is presently available in Kindle format. The print edition should be available by the end of this week.

The heroine of this novel is Berry Winter, who gained fame and fortune playing the sweet teenaged daughter on a TV detective show. We meet her in her early twenties, after the Berry-Winter-displayshow has ended. She has been typecast and cannot get the gritty dramatic roles she would prefer. Through a series of unusual events, she is drawn into committing serious crimes. At the same time, she continues to pursue her career in acting. Then her two worlds collide: acting and crime. The story combines suspense, action, and humor.

Berry is a multi-ethnic, talented but underrated, actress. Her father is a wealthy business man, and her mother is a famous actress turned politician. Strong willed and adventurous, Berry Winter gets into trouble easily. She is skilled in mixed martial arts and firearms. Her love for her friends and her sense of humor help her through difficult situations. Her mentor in acting and in life is a former Marine, turned action movie star. He is drawn into helping her get out of trouble.

Content Advisory: This book contains a great deal of strong language (profanity) and strong violence, including shootings, stabbings, hand-to-hand combat, kidnapping, and threat of rape, as well as drug use, implied sex, and repeated mention of sex trafficking.

This book is my first novel. It’s a work of fiction, and is not based on any true stories or events. I would like the reader to know that this book is offered as a form of entertainment only. There is no moral to the story. There is no hidden moral or religious meaning. I should also point out that the words and actions of the characters do not constitute any type of approval by me for said behavior. And that is true even when the character is the protagonist, or someone with an heroic role in the story.

Many of the characters in this novel are basically good, but they also have their flaws. Some characters are not so good. After all, it is a crime novel. So you can expect that many crimes will be committed by characters in this book. And did I mention that there’s a lot of swearing? In real life, people swear, for better or worse.

I enjoyed writing this book. It was a refreshing break from my previous writings, which are non-fiction. But I will understand if my usual base of readers is not interested in this strong departure from my usual subject areas. To each his own.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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4 Responses to My latest book, a novel, is now available

  1. Emanuel Costa says:

    Hello Ron
    I hope that you are doing good.
    I am truly excited about your new book. Besides all my excitement, I wonder whether the bad language and behavior that you used in your book are justified because the book is a fiction one. I mean, there are a lot of secular fiction books out there, and some of them have great stories. However, I usually avoid buying them because I think they are not appropriate for me. Reading the summary of your book, I wonder what make this book different from others secular fiction novels. And which could be the criteria (moral or theological one) to tell if a fiction book is a good one or a bad one for our souls?
    P.S.: I humbly come to you as a student. I have learned so much from your readings and books (The Catholicism of Catholic Ethics is my favorite one)

    • Ron Conte says:

      Readers have to make that decision for themselves, according to their own consciences. Maybe this isn’t the right book for you. It does have a lot of bad language and violence.

  2. Emanuel Costa says:

    Thanks a lot

  3. Tom Mazanec says:

    Interesting, and I hope you do well.
    However, my interest in fiction is almost exclusively science fiction. Write some of that and I will probably buy it.

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