The Warning of Garabandal in 2017?

Good Friday of 2017 is one of very few possible dates remaining for the Warning of Garabandal. That date is April 14th, just 100 days from today (January 4th).

I suggest the faithful undertake a program of increased prayer and self-denial, as well as works of mercy. Also, go to Confession frequently, as often as every week or every other week. You cannot go wrong with these faithful practices, even if the Warning does not occur.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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14 Responses to The Warning of Garabandal in 2017?

  1. Bride of Christ says:

    I pray What God will. I pray God will warn. I am a convert trying to get into rcia. and Im thinking of becoming a carmelite nun. We dont know for sure but if 2017 is the year and it happens well I still have time to be a nun.

    After the miricle comes is the chastiesment wwiii I think God bless you.

  2. patricia monroe says:

    Good advice, as always. Many thanks for your insights, and hope your back is improved!

    Sincerely, Pat Monroe

  3. Bob says:

    Hi Ron. I hope you are correct. The world seems in such a mess, it seems to me only a supernatural event can help us. Last year I prepared a lot. And I must admit I was disappointed. This year I will prepare again, but with the attitude that I trust in Jesus, and he knows the best time and way to help us. I think the Blessed Virgin has been given the role and the privilege to usher in the New Times. Also I think you are correct in your comments on the four Cardinals and the Dubia. But, almost every Catholic website I follow feels the opposite, Sad, Keep up the good posts. A few are still listening. Bob . PS OCDS is the best.

  4. Rafael Medina says:

    I hope the Miracle be on April 13, 2017.

    Do you remember the event on April 13, 1995 ? I think the day is 13 and the month is April, the year only God knows

    • Ron Conte says:

      The Miracle can’t be 13 April 2017, Holy Thursday, because it was said at Garabandal that the Miracle would not coincide with a feast of our Lord or our Lady. Holy Thursday is a feast celebrating the institution of the Eucharist, our Lord under the appearances of bread and wine. Also, the Warning must precede the Miracle. So I think the Warning is Good Friday, 14 April 2017, and the Miracle is 11 May 2017.

  5. brideofChrist says:

    Who are the ten kings

  6. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Ron, I agree with you.
    This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes (Garabandal—The Finger of God) (2):
    Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
    “When communism comes again everything will happen.”
    The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
    “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
    “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
    “I don’t know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said ‘when communism comes again’.”
    Up to now USA is like a policeman to the world. After January 20th, What will be the the change?
    Communism comes again with a different name as its new version ?
    2. St. Malachy Prophecies – last pope ?
    3. 1917 Fatima Secrets – 100 years later ?
    I think, Ron has more reasons.
    When will be the “abomination of desolation” will be started as said by Daniel 11:29 and Matthew 24:15-16 ?

    • Ron Conte says:

      My view is that “communism” refers to the current trend of “spiritual communism” whereby the opinions of the masses are treated as dogma, as absolute truths, to be asserted in contradiction to reason and faith — just as we are seeing today in many nations. So “communism” has already had its terrible rise to power.

      Peter the Roman represents every Pope from Pope Francis until the last Pope before the Return of Jesus, which is very many Popes over hundreds of years.

      It is significant that 2017 is 100 years since Fatima.
      The abomination of desolation is in the distant future. Foreshadowings of it are seen today in various ways that the Eucharist is desecrated and received without faith.

  7. brideofChrist says:

    Ronald I have heard it is said the seer Mari Loli said the warning would be on a even year I cant find the link yet but when I do

    But always be ready amen. God bless you your sister in Christ

    • Ron Conte says:

      We do not “know” that the Miracle will be in April. That is a conclusion that some people have drawn. But there’s lots of things like that in eschatology, apparent conclusions that only stand if you look at a subset of all the information available. My view is that the Miracle is in May, at the feast of Imelda Lambertini (or the vigil of her feast), which would be May 11 in 2017.

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