My Next Book is a Novel

Here is a list of my currently published titles, including 20 books of theology, 16 theology booklets, and 4 books on other topics, plus my Bible translation. Mostly, I write on the topic of Catholic theology. But I have written on other topics as well.

My next book, which is currently about half done, is a novel; it’s a work of fiction. I wanted a light and fun project to work on, and I’ve been kicking around several ideas for novels for quite a while now. I finally decided to start writing one. I’m withholding plot details and the book title, until it is completed. ETA is March of 2017. It’s a crime novel, with plenty of action and suspense, and some comedic elements.

The novel is not a morality play. It does not promote or teach any aspect of faith or morals. The book is intended only as entertainment. You are not supposed to derive any type of lesson from the book. Religion is not involved in any plot or subplot of the storyline. If the novel were a movie, it would be rated R for profanity and violence. So it’s not for kids.

I will continue writing this blog, as I am working on the novel. So far, I’ve enjoyed writing the book. I hope people enjoy reading it.

How do I write fiction? Create interesting complex characters, put them in weird situations, and then sit back and watch the fun. The characters do and say things that I don’t expect. The storyline moves along unanticipated paths. It’s as if the characters are alive and have free will. Sort of.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. Francisco says:

    Looking forward to reading this book Ron.


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