new booklet on Heaven and Hell

my new booklet:
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo
is now available in Kindle format. It’s an excerpt from my book:
Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone
so if you have the book, you don’t need the booklet.

the booklet discusses what Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory are like, the types of rewards and punishments there, and who is sent to each place. The idea of limbo is also considered.

The term Limbo, meaning “fringe”, was originally conceived as a part of another place. There is a limbo or fringe of Purgatory (the limbo of the Fathers) and a limbo or fringe of Hell (where souls suffer the least). Then there is the idea of limbo as a third final destination. This latter version of limbo is a theological construct that has fallen out of favor. In the author’s opinion, there is no limbo as a third final destination. All human persons end up either in Heaven or in Hell.

Do most persons go to Heaven, or to Hell? This booklet argues that the majority of human persons attain Heaven as their final destination, though usually through Purgatory. The only persons condemned to Hell those who freely commit a sin, which they themselves fully understand to be gravely immoral, and who refuse to repent through the last moment of life. All other persons will have eternal happiness in Heaven.

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