Fr. Z. versus Michael Voris

Fr. Z. has repeatedly publicly stated his unqualified support for Michael Voris. He frequently promotes Voris’ videos and teachings on his blog. He has traveled to Washington D.C. with Voris. Why does Fr. Z. support and promote the work of Michael Voris? Michael Voris is very conservative.

In fact, Voris is an ultra-conservative, who thinks most Bishops, in the U.S. and in the world, are too liberal. Voris thinks there is a homosexual conspiracy within the Church. He has a very negative view of Islam, and he thinks that the Jewish faith today is a false man-made religion. He rails against liberal dissent, changes to the Mass, and “the carnage that has happened to the Faith since Vatican II”. Michael Voris has a large following because he appeals to conservative views and elements among the most conservative Catholics. He hits all the right talking points to gain the favor of that particular audience.

So Voris has the favor of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z.’s Blog) because Fr. Z. is very conservative and so is Michael Voris.

What happens then, when Voris teaches heresy and doctrinal error on a number of different topics? Silence. Fr. Z. does not criticize or correct Voris when he teaches one grave doctrinal error or another, because they are both conservatives. Fr. Z. is happy to rail harshly against the liberals and their heretical errors. But he is mild in speaking about the SSPX. And he either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care that Michael Voris teaches heresy and various doctrinal errors.

Voris’ worst error is found in his teaching on the Trinity. He rejects the dogma that the Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial. Instead, he claims that the knowledge of God is found only in the Son, and the Love of God is found only in the Holy Spirit. Here is my lengthy post describing this grave error.

Of course, correct Catholic teaching, infallibly taught by the Second Council of Constantinople and infallibly taught by the ordinary and universal Magisterium, is that each of the Three Persons possesses the entire Divine Nature with all its attributes. So when we say that God is all-knowing, referring to an attribute of the Divine Nature, this dogma then informs us that each of the Three Persons possesses that attribute; each Person is all-knowing. The knowledge of God is not only in the Son. And when we say that God is Love, again each Person has that attribute, of having Love as his very Nature. So the love of God is not only in the Spirit. The Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial. They each have full possession of one and the same Divine Nature. The Three Persons are the One Nature, and the One Nature is the Three Persons.

But the teaching of Michael Voris on the Trinity is incompatible with Catholic dogma that each Person is consubstantial. Every Sunday, the faithful say the Creed at Mass, which includes the assertion that the Son is “consubstantial” with the Father. So the Creed touches on that dogma. But if you believe Voris’ teaching, then it would be dishonest of you to recite the Creed at Mass.

When I point out this error to my fellow Catholics, what is the response? Apathy. Most Catholics have long-ago ceased to care about dogma and doctrine. Conservative Catholics favor Voris because he tells them what they want to hear; he pushes all the conservative buttons. They don’t care if he also teaches heresy on the Trinity. That criticism is a joke to them. They can easily find some way to defend an heretical teaching, by misquoting a Saint or misinterpreting Scripture or distorting a magisterial document.

When your identity as a conservative is more important to you than the teachings of Jesus Christ through His Church, then you have become a true conservative, through and through, to the core, 100% conservative. But not Catholic. Just Conservative. It has become your religion.

If there is no liberal theological opinion on any question that you believe is correct, nor even any moderate opinion. If you truly believe that conservatism holds the correct answer to every question, then you have become a true pure Conservative. But you are also no longer Christian. For the truths of Catholic Christianity are based on Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium, not on conservatism. Did Jesus teach you to be a conservative? No, our Lord said no such thing. Sometimes the correct theological answer is conservative, sometimes moderate, sometimes liberal. If you only accept what is conservative, you will not be able to accept Christ.

Why does Fr. Z. support Michael Voris, despite grave errors in his teaching? Is he unaware of these errors, or does he agree with them, or perhaps he doesn’t care.

Michael Voris has many other errors in his teachings…
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… and then there is this bizarre rant:
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and this piece of blasphemy against Islam:
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If a liberal author or speaker put forward such a series of heresies, errors, distortions, and absurd claims, Fr. Z. would be quick to reject these falsehoods. So why is he silent on the errors of Michael Voris? You tell me.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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