TWSC: Errors on Purgatory and Hell

The messages of “Maria Divine Mercy” called “The Warning Second Coming” (TWSC) teach many doctrinal errors. I’ve already written several articles/posts exposing these errors, and there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, more to write about. Several of these many errors are on the topic of the suffering in Purgatory and Hell.

“For every sin you are guilty of, the part of the body used when committing the sin, will be burned and purified in Purgatory. If in mortal sin you will feel the pain of the fire tearing through that part of your body used to commit the sin for eternity. There will be no end to this torment.” August 11th, 2012

As every faithful Catholic knows, the souls in Purgatory are souls only; their bodies are buried in the ground. Therefore, the sufferings of Purgatory are spiritual only, not physical. Therefore, too, the claim is false that, in Purgatory, the part of the body used to commit the sin is burned.

After death, each soul is judged by God in what is called ‘the particular judgment’. When a soul dies in a state of grace, but with some additional purification needed before entering Heaven, the soul goes to Purgatory. There, the soul makes amends for his or her sins by considering those sins, their gravity before God, and the harm done by those sins to other persons. The soul cannot look away from these sins, nor can the soul distract himself or herself by entertainments or diversions. The suffering of Purgatory is particularly intense because it is a spiritual suffering that goes right to the core of the soul. But it is not a physical suffering.

Many sins are committed interiorly, without using any “part of the body”. And so there would be no “part of the body” to be “burned and purified”, as these messages claim, in Purgatory. The source of all sin is the free will, and that free will is not a part of the body.

The second part of the above quoted message asserts a similar error for the pains of Hell. Prior to the general Resurrection, the souls in Hell are souls only, without their bodies. So the sufferings of Hell are not literal physical pains “tearing through that part of your body used to commit the sin”.

Moreover, the Church teaches that the greatest suffering of Hell is deprivation: the loss of the Beatific Vision of God and all the other joys of eternal life in Heaven. Another great suffering in Hell is the “worm of conscience” whereby the soul considers his or her sins, and their offense before God, and the harm done to other persons — just as in Purgatory, but unceasingly and without grace. At the particular judgment, even the souls who died in a state of unrepentant actual mortal sin are given perfect knowledge from God of their sins. And this knowledge torments the soul for eternity.

The message quoted above ignores this teaching, and speaks as if physical pains are the greatest suffering of Hell. The least of the sufferings of Hell is called the active punishments, whereby the soul sufferings torments in addition to deprivation of Heaven and the reproach of conscience. The Magisterium also teaches that some souls in Hell have no active punishments at all.

How can so many Catholics read messages like these, which are filled with grave doctrinal errors, and be deceived into thinking that the messages are from Heaven? Many Catholics have been poorly catechized; they do not know the basic doctrines of the Faith. And the fallen angels take advantage of this weakness by imbedding numerous doctrinal errors into messages that pretend to be a holy path to salvation. Instead, these messages slowly lead the unsuspecting soul away from the Church by teaching error after error.

“I need so many prayers children so that Satan can be stopped from stealing their souls. He will continue to do this right up to the last minute. I cannot bear to think of those souls who will be pulled from Me screaming and kicking in protest as he and his minions drag them into the depths of Hell.” December 13th, 2011

Here again is a serious doctrinal error. In that Book of Truth called the holy Bible, Jesus clearly teaches that no one can steal souls from Him. For Jesus is God, and Satan is merely one of many fallen angels. It is not possible for any fallen angels to steal souls from God. It is not possible for fallen angels to pull souls away from Jesus. Why do you believe false doctrines from an anonymous visionary, when Jesus and His Church teach otherwise?

{10:27} My sheep hear my voice. And I know them, and they follow me.
{10:28} And I give them eternal life, and they shall not perish, for eternity. And no one shall seize them from my hand.
{10:29} What my Father gave to me is greater than all, and no one is able to seize from the hand of my Father.
{10:30} I and the Father are one.”

Jesus himself taught that no one can steal souls from Him. The only souls sent to Hell, without any exception, are those persons who committed actual mortal sin — freely choosing to commit grave sin with full knowledge of the grave immorality of the act and full deliberation — AND who refuse to repent through the last moment of life. All other souls die in a state of grace and will have eternal life in Heaven, even if they spend some time in Purgatory first.

The claim that some souls are “pulled” away from Jesus “screaming and kicking in protest” is a grave doctrinal error. No one goes to Hell except by their own choice to commit actual mortal sin and to refuse to repent through the last moment of life. No one is dragged into Hell by devils. Hell is a place of just and merciful punishment by God. At the particular judgment, God shows each person his or her sins, and God judges the soul and sends the soul to Heaven or to Purgatory or to Hell.

“Be aware that every blackened soul, upon death, is dragged by Satan’s demons into Hell and tormented for eternity. For all his promises Satan has created a horrific state of torture for such souls. Because of his hatred for humanity these souls will suffer beyond their endurance. Yet endure they must for all of eternity.” December 13th, 2011

Not true.

The Roman Catholic Magisterium teaches that, upon death, the soul stands alone before God. Satan is not there when you die. It is only you and God. Then God judges you by showing you the good and bad in your life, and whether you died in a state of grace or not, according to the use of your own free will. If a person dies unrepentant from actual mortal sin, then that soul is sent to Hell by the just and merciful judgment of God. The person being sent to Hell has been shown the sins that resulted in that judgment; that person cannot deny the truth of their own life, as revealed at the particular judgment. The person knows that he or she deserves the punishments of Hell.

No one is dragged into Hell by Satan or his fallen angels. Moreover, the punishments of Hell are just punishments from God, not from Satan. Hell is a place created by God to punish fallen angels and human persons who die unrepentant from actual mortal sin. Satan and his devils are not in charge of Hell. They, too, will be sent to Hell in order to be punished by God. It is God who created and prepared Hell in order to punish the devils and those human persons who act like devils by actual mortal sin, just as Jesus himself taught:

“Depart from me, you accursed ones, into the eternal fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Mt 25:41).

Sacred Scripture also calls Hell, figuratively, a “prison without bars” (Wisdom 17:15). If we consider that Hell is like a prison, then the souls who die in a state of actual mortal sin become like prisoners in the prison of Hell. But Satan and his devils are not the warden and guards of the prison; they are also prisoners. It is one of the sufferings of Hell to be imprisoned in the same prison with devils as fellow inmates. Conversely, it is one of the joys of Heaven to share eternal life with holy Angels.

But the above quoted message from “Maria Divine Mercy” teaches the grave doctrinal error that Satan is in charge of Hell, as if he were deciding the suffering of each soul.

The truth taught by the Roman Catholic Magisterium is that Hell is a place of just punishment from God. Hell is a place of justice. Satan does not torture souls in Hell, for he is incapable of justice. No one in Hell suffers anything more than they deserve, depending on each person’s sins. The souls in Hell do not “suffer beyond their endurance” — that would be unjust. Hell is created by God as a just prison for devils and condemned souls alike.

Notice how many grave errors are found in these messages of claimed private revelation. Notice how the content of these messages contradicts the teaching of God in Sacred Scripture and through the Church. This visionary and her messages are leading souls away from God by deception — teaching grave doctrinal errors with the claim that these errors are truth from God.

Do not be deceived by an anonymous visionary who exalts herself by claiming to be “the end time prophet”, by claiming to present to you “The Book of Truth” — which contradicts Sacred Scripture and yet also seeks to replace Sacred Scripture. Do not be deceived by messages that claim to be from Jesus, all the while contradicting the teaching of Jesus in the holy Bible.

Trust in the teachings of the Church, and do not trust in unapproved message from an anonymous visionary. Otherwise, you will end up suffering just punishments in Purgatory, or just punishments in Hell.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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