The Future of the Papacy

I’ve just released a new Kindle booklet:
The Future and the Popes

The booklet is about future Popes. It begins with a discussion of St. Malachy’s prophetic list of Popes. The last Pope on the list is “Peter the Roman”, who I believe will be elected in 2012. He reigns at the start of the great apostasy.

I have added to St. Malachy’s list here. But the booklet gives a more extensive description of each Pope and his reign.

The second section of the booklet is about the great apostasy, and about an antipope who reigns for a brief time. During the great apostasy, most Catholics will leave the Church. Those who depart from the true Faith will include many priests and religious, and more than a few Bishops. Subsequently, they will attempt to set up their own Church, and will elect their own pope (an antipope).

After this terrible trial, the schism will eventually be healed, and the Church will be holier and have more members than ever before.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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