Iran’s Nuclear Missile Checklist

Establish a command and control structure led by the military for nuclear research and development program
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 18-24; see chart.]

Obtain several thousand kilograms of low-enriched uranium
✓ done [IAEA Report of 8 Nov. 2011, n. 11 and footnote 9.]

Establish numerous nuclear research facilities throughout Iran, some covert
✓ done [IAEA Report, n. 30]

Run thousands of gas centrifuges for several years, producing 20% enriched uranium
on-going [IAEA Report, n. 13, 14, 15, 22, 33; Annex n. 17.]

Need: a couple of hundred kilograms of 20% U-235
Have: 75 kg of 20% U-235 from just one facility [IAEA Report, n. 15]
UPDATED (24 Feb 2012) — current total 20% U-235 at least:
95.4 kg U-235 total at Natanz and 13.8 kg U-235 at Fordow. [IAEA new report 24 Feb 2012 PDF]
[Total current quantity unknown.]

Purify 32 kg or more of 90% U-235, enough for 2 to 8 bombs, depending on yield and technical capability of design. []
not yet done [quantity of 90% U-235 unknown]

Obtain information on making a nuclear bomb from foreign experts and foreign nations
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 5, 7, 27, 32-34, 44, 49 and Annex footnote 9.]

Obtain commercially-available equipment, materials and services needed to make implosion-type nuclear bomb, including:
✓ high speed electronic switches and spark gaps (useful for triggering and firing detonators);
✓ high speed cameras (useful in experimental diagnostics);
✓ neutron sources (useful for calibrating neutron measuring equipment);
✓ radiation detection and measuring equipment (useful in a nuclear material production environment);
✓ training courses on topics relevant to nuclear explosives development (such as neutron cross section calculations and shock wave interactions/hydrodynamics),
✓ etc., all done. [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 26]

Obtain information on how to make highly enriched uranium into hollow metal sphere for implosion-type nuclear bomb.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 31-34]

Update that information to latest technology for the same.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 35]

Test that information by manufacturing a hollow metal sphere, with the same design specs as for a nuclear bomb, but using a substitute metal in place of uranium.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 36]

Develop specialized fast-acting detonators and equipment for firing them with the high level of simultaneity needed to detonate an implosion type nuclear bomb.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 38-40]

Boast about developing these detonators to the IAEA, in writing.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 39]

Obtain information on the proper use of these detonators from a foreign expert with nuclear weapons development expertise.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 44]

Construct a large explosives containment vessel and conduct experiments using high explosives in conjunction with nuclear material or a nuclear material surrogate.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 42-46]

Perform further testing and evaluation, using high speed diagnostic equipment to monitor the symmetry of the compressive shock of the simulated core of a nuclear device.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 42-46]

Meet with officials from a nuclear-weapons State for training in the fields of neutron cross-section calculations and shock wave interactions with metals.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 53]

Meet with university experts about the complex calculations needed to compress a hollow sphere of uranium, with high explosives, into supercritical mass for a fission bomb.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 53]

Research, design, manufacture, and test specialized ‘neutron initiators’ needed for the core of a highly enriched uranium implosion type bomb.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 55-57]

Construct underground nuclear bomb testing facility, install remote detonation equipment, and test the electronics.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 58]

Develop a structured comprehensive engineering program on the integration of a new payload — with the same size, weight, and shape as an implosion type nuclear bomb — into the existing payload chamber of the Shahab 3 medium range ballistic missile.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 59-61]

Use engineering stress tests to see how well the new payload would stand up to the launch and flight stresses of the missile.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 62]

Develop a firing system that would enable the payload to explode in the air above a target or upon impact with the ground.
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 64]

Meet with the IAEA and tell them to their face that, if all the IAEA information were true, “it would constitute a programme for the development of a nuclear weapon.”
✓ done [IAEA Report, Annex, n. 65]

Keep telling the world that all of the above tasks are for peaceful purposes.
✓ done

Announce that:
“we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,”
and that
“the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come, and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started.”
✓ done [CNN, Fox News, Commentary]

Make a shortlist of countries to nuke. Place the United States at the top of the list.

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