Communion in the hand or on the tongue?

The mode of reception of Communion, on the tongue or in the hand, is not a doctrine or dogma, but is a matter of discipline. And the Church does have the authority to decide such questions. She can permit one, or the other, or both, and She can change the discipline from time to time, or from place to place. To say otherwise is to replace the authority of the Church with one’s own opinion as to what seems best.

Neither does the length of time that a discipline has been in force give that discipline a status beyond the authority of the Church to change. The disciplines of the OT were established by Divine Revelation from God, and they continued for hundreds of years. Yet they have all been dispensed.

Reception of Communion on the tongue is a type of touching of Communion, just as reception in the hand is a type of touching. It is absurd to claim that we cannot touch with the hand, but we can not only tough with the tongue, but can consume the host entirely. Since we are permitted to consume the host, and to touch it with our tongue, there is no doctrinal reason that would forbid us from touching it with our hands.

There may well be practical reasons to have one rule or another in various circumstances. But the making of these rules does fall under the authority of the Church. The Church has not gone astray from the true Faith by permitting Commuion in the hand. Discipline is not Dogma.

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