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Certification for Catholic Websites: Bad Idea

Paragraph 146 of the Youth Synod (2018) states: “The Synod hopes that in the Church appropriate official bodies for digital culture and evangelisation are established at appropriate levels … Among their functions … [could be] certification systems of Catholic sites, … Continue reading

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Communion Discipline for the Orthodox shows the wisdom of Amoris Laetitia

The following article was written at my request by reader Marco, based on his excellent comments about Amoris Laetitia in other posts. Many claim that allowing the divorced and remarried to receive Communion would go against Divine Law. They claim … Continue reading

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Cardinal Mueller on Communion for the Divorced and Remarried

The prefect of the CDF has made public comments on Communion for the divorced and remarried: “It cannot be said that there are circumstances according to which an act of adultery does not constitute a mortal sin,” Mueller said in … Continue reading

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The Maltese Bishops formalize a common practice in the Church

The Catholic Bishops of Malta have released a document: Criteria for the Application of Chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia. The document plainly permits the divorced and remarried to receive the Sacraments of Confession and Communion based on their own judgment … Continue reading

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Pope Francis changes Canon Law on Baptism of Infants

Here is the change to Canon Law: § 3. Infants of non-Catholic Christians are licitly baptized if their parents or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place request it and if it is physically … Continue reading


Communion for the Divorced and Remarried, Again

I’ve already thoroughly addressed this topic in past posts: See this search of my blog. Please read those posts for my full position on this topic. Important Points The divorced and remarried are in various different situations. They are not … Continue reading

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Excommunication and Salvation

There are two types of excommunication: 1. ferendae sententiae — a brought judgment, imposed by a decision of Church authority in a particular case 2. latae sententiae — automatic excommunication (wide judgment) which does not require any decision in the … Continue reading

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Ad Orientem as a Chip on the Shoulder

Cardinal Sarah suggested that, beginning this Advent, all priests say Mass ad orientem (“to the East”), which often is not literally to the East, but symbolically, such that the priest faces with his back to the people: “It is very … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Family versus Pope Francis

Here’s the news report: “Over 100 pro-life and pro-family leaders from all over the world leapt to their feet in applause at a meeting in Rome on Saturday after hearing a call for Pope Francis to withdraw his controversial exhortation … Continue reading


Divine Mercy Sunday plenary indulgence

A special type of plenary indulgence is available only for Divine Mercy Sunday: Apostolic Penitentiary Decree. “To ensure that the faithful would observe this day with intense devotion, the Supreme Pontiff himself established that this Sunday be enriched by a … Continue reading

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custodian Mark Kenney cleanses St. Cecilia Cathedral

Mark Kenney, a custodian at St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, Nebraska, was justly outraged at the desecration of the sanctuary during the annual Flower Festival. And he acted on that just anger by “cleansing the temple”. The main sanctuary was … Continue reading

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Fasting and Abstaining from Meat: Letter vs. Spirit

During Lent, Catholics must fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday. On other Fridays of Lent, Catholics must simply abstain from meat. Here are some more specifics, for Catholics in the U.S., from the USCCB. … Continue reading


Toward Flexibility in Liturgical Form

Liturgical form refers to the words, actions, and vestments and other articles used in our expression of worship together, especially in the holy Mass, but also in other liturgical celebrations, such as funerals, baptisms, weddings, etc. Liturgical form falls into … Continue reading


The Myth of the Chaste Gay Catholic Priest

Perhaps myth is too strong a word: “rarity” or “highly unlikely” might be more accurate. It is possible for a priest to have a homosexual orientation, and yet remain faithful to his vow or promise of chastity, and also support … Continue reading


Reply to Fr. Brian Harrison on Communion

The Church is headed for a great schism. The controversy that divides Catholics might not be Communion for the divorced and remarried. It might be the ordination of women deacons, or a new definition of doctrine on salvation for non-Christians, … Continue reading


Pope Francis should remove the penalty of excommunication for abortion

Currently, under Canon law, anyone who commits the sin of abortion, and any accomplices without whose help the crime of abortion could not have been committed, are excommunicated (latae sententiae). Pope Francis has decreed that, during the Year of Mercy, … Continue reading

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Eleven Thousand Cardinals Speak On Marriage and the Family

A book titled: “Eleven Cardinals Speak On Marriage and the Family” opposes changing the discipline on who may receive holy Communion. The 11 authors especially reject the idea that divorced and remarried Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. First, my … Continue reading

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Annulments are just a Symptom of the Problem

I’m combining several topics in one post which is partly about the new annulments process, but also includes broader concerns. General Concerns First, and I say this to everyone commenting on the words and deeds of Pope Francis: You are … Continue reading

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More on Annulment Reform

See this report at the Catholic News Agency. The new annulment process does away with the previous requirement to have the case judged twice in two different dioceses. Now only one judgment in your own diocese is necessary. The new … Continue reading

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Annulment Reform by Pope Francis is imminent

The news today is that tomorrow (Tuesday 8 Sept 2015) Pope Francis will issue changes to Canon Law on the process for obtaining an annulment (a formal declaration from Church authority that a marriage was never the true Sacrament, and … Continue reading