Catholics who hate Christ

{19:12} Therefore, he said: “A certain man of nobility traveled to a far away region, to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return.

{19:14} But his citizens hated him. And so they sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We do not want this one to reign over us.’

It is not unusual for foreigners to hate the leader of a nation. So it is not surprising that those who are of the world hate Christ and His Church and His teachings. But this verse tells us that, until the Return of Jesus occurs, there will always be some within the Church, some of our fellow citizens of the Faith, who hate Christ. Every Catholic Christian who hates the true teachings of the one true Church, hates Christ. And these citizens who hate their own Ruler are not few in number. In every time period, individuals and groups of this kind attempt to cause the teachings of the Church to change, because they do not want Jesus who is Truth to reign over them. They wish that the Church would teach a lie in place of the truth. They do not want the true teachings of Christ to reign over them.

Some of these haters of Christ have positions at Catholic universities and colleges, teaching theology. Some of these haters of Christ publish, edit, or write for ostensibly Catholic publications. Some of these haters of Christ use the internet to spread their hatred of Catholic teaching. Some are trying very hard, and partially succeeding, to convince the faithful that the lies which they wish the Church would teach, are ‘truths’ which the Church does teach. Instead of arguing against the teachings of the Church which they hate, instead of arguing in favor of the contrary ideas which they love, they cleverly claim that the Church really does teach those contrary ideas. They re-interpret various true teachings in order to turn them into lies. And they have succeeded in convincing many of the faithful to believe these newly-devised expertly-sculpted false doctrines.

They claim that direct abortion is really indirect. They claim that contraception is only immoral in marriage, or is only immoral with a contraceptive intention. They claim that any intrinsically evil act is only immoral with the wrong intention. They claim that lying is not always immoral. They treat the teachings of the Magisterium as rules and rulings, not eternal truths. They speak as if all manner of unnatural sexual acts are justified in marriage. They narrow or re-interpret various teachings so as to lessen the ‘burden’ of belief, especially when sinful secular society objects to the teaching. And they advance many other errors on matters of faith, morals, and salvation — not merely erring in their own beliefs, but teaching others the same error. They are the blind leading the blind into a pit.

What does Christ think of these Catholics who do not want Truth to rule over them?

{19:27} ‘Yet truly, as for those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here, and put them to death before me.’ ”

If they do not repent, Christ will order them to be put to eternal death in the pit of Hell.

Do these words offend you?

{15:12} Then his disciples drew near and said to him, “Do you know that the Pharisees, upon hearing this word, were offended?”
{15:13} But in response he said: “Every plant which has not been planted by my heavenly Father shall be uprooted.
{15:14} Leave them alone. They are blind, and they lead the blind. But if the blind are in charge of the blind, both will fall into the pit.”

Christ is Truth. Whosoever hates Truth, hates Christ.

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