Jimmy Akin’s heresy on contraception

I’ve now completed and posted a new article on moral theology, refuting certain heretical errors on the topic of contraception:

Modern Heresies on Contraception
A refutation of Jimmy Akin’s heretical errors on contraception and marriage

Although many persons hold to these particular heretical errors, Jimmy Akin is prominent among those who not only hold, but also teach and promote these heresies.

The Fifth Column blog has some good insights into this topic. However, I disagree with the assertion that contraception makes natural sexual relations within marriage entirely non-marital. The Fathers who spoke in this manner, such as Augustine and Aquinas, did say that grave sexual sins within marriage are akin to adultery — but not literally so.

The good moral object of any moral sexual act is threefold: marital, unitive, procreative. The deprivation of any one of those aspects harms the other two. For example, when a married couple use contraception, it harms the other two meanings. However, it does not entirely deprive the sexual act of the other two meanings — that would imply that married couples who use contraception are not engaging in a marital or unitive act at all.

Certainly, HV does not take the point of view that contraception entirely deprives the sexual act of its marital and unitive meanings. That is why Paul VI in HV talked about the separation of the unitive and procreative meanings — because the unitive meaning is still present (though harmed). And that is why HV referrred to contracepted marital acts as marital acts — because the marital meaning is still present (though harmed).

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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