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Do you have a Prayer Request?

If you have any specific intention you would like me and my readers to pray for, please add it in the comments. I ask all the readers of this post to pray for those intentions and for Pope Francis and … Continue reading

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Profess your fidelity to the Pope

Please consider taking this profession of fidelity to Pope Francis: You can “sign” the profession by adding a comment at the end of the page, or by commenting on the profession and linking to it from your own webpage … Continue reading

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Catholicism in a nation where gay marriage is legal

It is clear that same-sex marriage will become legal, at the federal level and therefore in all 50 States, sometime in 2015. When this happens, proponents will claim, not only that gay marriage is a true type of marriage, but … Continue reading

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Fundamental Human Rights versus Derived Human Rights

All human persons have fundamental human rights, bestowed on them by their Creator, and inherent to their human nature. All who have a human nature, regardless of age or state of life or other factors, have these fundamental human rights. … Continue reading

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Taylor Marshall’s Errors on the Birth and Death of Jesus

This is a slight revision of an article I wrote last year (Dec 20, 2013) criticizing Dr. Taylor Marshall’s booklet “God’s Birthday”. Dr. Marshall is again promoting this booklet, unrevised, despite blatant errors in the work. Here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Did Pope Francis say animals go to Heaven?

No, he did not say that animals go to Heaven. Here are links to a couple of news reports on the subject: Business Insider The Guardian Animals cannot go to Heaven because they are not made in the image of … Continue reading

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booklet: The Immaculate Virgin Conception

I’ve republished my booklet The Immaculate Virgin Conception of the Virgin Mary with the new title (above) and new cover image. If you have not read it, you might be interested. It’s a brief booklet on the conception and birth … Continue reading

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Intelligent Caring Persons Sometimes Disagree

As faithful Roman Catholics, we believe what the Magisterium teaches. The advantage of having a Magisterium is that we are not constrained by our own personal interpretation of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, and our own personal failings, false assumptions, … Continue reading

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The Warning from God in 2016

In several of my published eschatology books in 2013, I predicted that the Warning from God (revealed by the visionaries of Garabandal) will occur on Good Friday, March 25th in 2016. The event is a supernatural illumination of conscience given … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis shock and surprise us on his U.S. visit (9/25/2015)?

Pope Francis: “I wish to confirm that, God willing, in September of 2015, I will go to Philadelphia for the Eighth World Meeting of Families.” His visit is scheduled to begin Sept. 25th. I suggest to my readers that the … Continue reading

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7 False Claims about Women’s Ordination to the Diaconate

The Roman Catholic Magisterium infallibly teaches “that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.” (Ordinatio Sacerdotalis n. 4). But ordination to … Continue reading

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Can the Church give Communion to the Remarried?

1. Ultimately, the Church decides this question. The Pope, or if he so chooses, the body of Bishops led by the Pope, will decide this question definitively. When the Church decides, no one on earth has the authority to contradict … Continue reading

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