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Taylor Marshall interviews Bishop Athanasius Schneider

In a video on YouTube, Bishop Athanasius Schneider was interviewed by Dr. Taylor Marshall on Vatican II. These two schismatics agreed that Vatican II taught heresy, and needs to be corrected. But there are some problems with this claim. So … Continue reading

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Should the Catholic Church multiply Her Rites?

Currently, the Church has two major divisions or Rites, the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite. Each has its own code of canon law, and its own liturgical forms. The fact that more than one Rite has been accepted by … Continue reading

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Let’s NOT go on a Witch Hunt against Gay Priests

As I’ve proven in my articles at here, most men who abuse boys are not gay, and that includes most priests who abuse boys. Is that counter-intuitive? So what. All fields of study reach conclusions which are contrary to … Continue reading

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What is a Canonized Saint?

A Saint is a person who has lived in holy imitation of Christ, to such an extent that: * they are certainly in Heaven with God, * they are among the most powerful intercessors in Heaven, * their holy lives … Continue reading

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Church Sex Abuse Cases: homosexuality or pedophilia?

This article at, In the Church, The Problem is not Pedophilia but Homosexuality, claims that most cases of sexual abuse by priests is a result of homosexuality, not pedophilia. I disagree. The situation is more complex than that. Allow … Continue reading

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It Must Be Hard To Convert To Catholicism

The world has become a very sinful place. Grave sins have become accepted, as if they were good and normal acts. The daily lives of many persons contain multiple objective mortal sins. And, for some persons, many very grave sins … Continue reading

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The Indefectibility of the Church, the Pope, and the body of Bishops

It is a dogma of the ordinary and universal Magisterium that the Church is indefectible. She can never go astray from the path of salvation and She can never lead anyway astray from the path of salvation. This dogma is … Continue reading

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The Top 12 Problems in the Catholic Church today

1. Most Bishops are more Administrators than Apostles 2. Many priests are not holy and are not faithful to Church teaching 3. Heretics have become respected teachers in the Church 4. Many Catholics anonymously teach grave errors via the internet … Continue reading

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The Limits of Church Authority in Catholic Schools

In my opinion, some Catholic schools should admit only Catholic students and only Catholic faculty. Catholics have the right of freedom of religion and freedom of association, and the Church has the right to gather its members, not only in … Continue reading

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Partial List of Problems in the Catholic Church today

Most persons who call themselves Catholic are non-practicing or minimally-practicing. As for the practicing Catholics: Very few Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics go to Confession at all. Most Catholics are unrepentant from one or another type of grave sexual sin. Most married … Continue reading

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