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Will the Amazon Synod ordain “viri probati”?

The Latin term “viri probati” means “tested men”. The suggestion that viri probati be ordained as priests is often misinterpreted as ordaining married men. That is not inherent in the term. And it need not be the application of that … Continue reading

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The Synod: Conservatives declare victory too soon

Like a football player who spikes the ball before crossing into the end zone, like a runner raising his arms in victory before crossing the finish line, conservative bloggers and commentators are triumphantly proclaiming their victory at the recent Bishops’ … Continue reading

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Synod Proposal: Communion for non-Catholic Christians

The Tablet in the UK has published a response by a UK Archbishop to a Synod proposal allowing “non-Catholic Christians married to Catholics routinely to receive communion”. The archbishop objects saying: “Such a proposal would tend to establish a category … Continue reading

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What will you do IF Pope Francis decides….?

What will you do if Pope Francis decides to do any or all of the following: 1. allows the divorced and remarried to receive Communion 2. allows gay couples to receive Communion 3. allows any baptized Catholic to receive Communion … Continue reading

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