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Divine Mercy Sunday plenary indulgence

A special type of plenary indulgence is available only for Divine Mercy Sunday: Apostolic Penitentiary Decree. “To ensure that the faithful would observe this day with intense devotion, the Supreme Pontiff himself established that this Sunday be enriched by a … Continue reading

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Go to Confession this Saturday!

The Warning is very near. This Saturday may be the last opportunity that you have, prior to the Warning on Good Friday, to prepare by making a good confession. Jesus died to offer us every grace and every opportunity to … Continue reading

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How To Make A Good Confession

The single best thing you can do to prepare for the Warning on Good Friday of 2016: GO TO CONFESSION! How To Go to Confession – a single page overview of confession (PDF format) Examination of Conscience – based on … Continue reading


Was the Eucharist at the Last Supper the Glorified Body of Jesus?

The most holy Eucharist is the full and real presence of Jesus Christ (body, blood, soul, Divinity) under the accidents of bread and wine. In this article, I discuss whether the Eucharist at the Last Supper was the glorified body … Continue reading


The Indelible Characters given in Baptism, Confirmation, Orders

Three and only three of the Sacraments each imprints on the soul an indelible character, which is never removed. Neither great sin, nor great virtues, nor sincere prayer, nor apostasy, heresy, or schism, nor even condemnation to Hell can ever … Continue reading


Receiving Communion with Fear of the Lord

The faithful Catholic should go to Confession at least once a month, if not weekly. Even after a good Confession, the humble Catholic should receive Communion with the fear of the Lord. The Church has the authority to decide the … Continue reading

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Can Women Ever Be Ordained as Catholic Priests?

The dogma of the Roman Catholic Magisterium is that Jesus did not give His Church the authority to ordain women to the priesthood. This teaching is infallible under the ordinary and universal Magisterium, and may also meet all the conditions … Continue reading

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Casting Stones at the Divorced and Remarried

As I’ve said many times now, my preference is for a strict discipline on reception of Communion: only believing and practicing Catholics, free from every objective mortal sin and actual mortal sin, who have been to Confession within the last … Continue reading

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Women who claim to be ordained Catholic priests

This NPR news story is very telling: In Defiance Of The Church, Some Catholic Women Seek Priesthood. See the photo at the top of the story. The caption reads: “Rev. Caryl Johnson (center) oversees communion at St. Mary Magdalene Community … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Ordained Women Deacons

Here are some past posts on the subject, reposted here for your consideration and comments: * Are Women Valid Matter for Ordination? * 7 False Claims about Women’s Ordination to the Diaconate * Anglican Women Bishops versus Catholic Women Deacons … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin’s grave error on Abortion and Confession

UPDATED (see the last section of the post). On his blog, Jimmy Akin makes a false claim which is gravely harmful to souls, on the subject of abortion, excommunication, and Confession. He erroneously claims: “Therefore, a person who procures an … Continue reading


Are the Sacraments of Marriage and Confession Valid in the SSPX?

The Society of Pope Saint Pius X is an heretical and schismatic group, which broke away from the Catholic Church in reaction to the doctrines and disciplines of the Second Vatican Council. They are in a state of formal heresy … Continue reading

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A Bishop and a Priest propose breaking the Seal of the Confessional

This news article from Australia is very disturbing: Priest used confession to admit abuse. A Bishop and priest from an Australian diocese have publicly stated that they might break the seal of the confessional. The secular justice system in their … Continue reading

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What’s Missing from Catholic Arguments against Gay Marriage

There are several different arguments being offered in court cases and in the court of public opinion in favor of traditional marriage (one man, one woman) and contrary to same-sex marriage. Some of these arguments are good and true. Others … Continue reading

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Petition of Catholic Priests to the Synod of Bishops

Two petitions, signed by Catholic priests and addressed to the upcoming Synod of Bishops (Oct. 2015), are circulating online and in print. The wording of each, in the key paragraphs, is the same: “Following the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in … Continue reading

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Are Faculties Required for a Valid Confession?

Canon Law states that a Catholic priest must have faculties (permission from Church authority) to validly administer the Sacrament of Confession: “Can. 966 §1. The valid absolution of sins requires that the minister have, in addition to the power of … Continue reading


Rachel Lu on baptism

Rachel Lu wrote an article for Crisis magazine (a Catholic publication). The article is titled: We Are Not All Children of God. Lu correctly states that we become adopted children of God by baptism. But as the article unfolds, it … Continue reading

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Why did God allow polygamy among the Israelites?

The Catholic Encyclopedia offers this approach to the problem: “The monogamic and indissoluble properties of marriage were for a time dispensed by Divine permission. Thus in the patriarchal times of the Old Testament polygamous marriage was tolerated.” The Supplement to … Continue reading


Are we all children of God?

Over at Crisis Magazine, Rachel Lu, Ph.D. wrote an article titled “We are not all children of God”. I thought the title might be facetious, arguing against some foolish persons who made such a claim. No, she actually makes the … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis allow married men to become priests?

Eastern Rite Catholic Bishops in North America have now been authorized by Pope Francis to ordain married men to the priesthood. The Catholic Church is divided into two parts: the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite. Eastern Catholics have a … Continue reading

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