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Fr. Matthew Hood does not need to be Re-Ordained

Here’s the news story: Detroit man thought he was a priest. He wasn’t even a baptized Catholic. Fr. Hood was invalidly baptized. He was later confirmed, ordained as a deacon, and consecrated as a priest. His Archdiocese of Detroit, and … Continue reading

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Communion on the Tongue as a Schismatic Device

UPDATE: “July 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of young Catholics has joined together to announce that out of reverence to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they will only receive Holy Communion on the tongue while kneeling.” ~ In … Continue reading

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Communion in the Hand: A Test of Obedience

EDITED 6/26/2020 The Church has the authority of Christ over both doctrine and discipline. And She is indefectible by Her very nature, and in both Her types of authority, teaching and temporal. These are the two swords given by Christ … Continue reading

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The Council of Trent corrected an error of Saint Thomas Aquinas on Transubstantiation

The dogma of transubstantiation was infallibly defined by the Council of Trent: “The most holy Eucharist has indeed this in common with the rest of the sacraments, that it is a symbol of a sacred thing, and is a visible … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Ordained Women Deacons

The main criticism of the Amazonian Synod has been whether permission for more married priests in that region will then spread to the whole Church. However, the Church has always had some married priests. And it is not permissible (apart … Continue reading

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Will the Church ever have Women Priests?

The short answer is Yes, but not before Christ returns. It is dogma that Jesus Christ did not give His Church the authority, nor the ability to ordain women as priests. So a woman cannot be a validly-ordained priest. A … Continue reading

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The Eucharist of the Last Supper was Jesus’ glorified body

The first Mass, the only Mass with Jesus as the in person celebrant, rather than a priest standing in persona Christi, was the Last Supper. And it was the only consecration of the Eucharist before His death and resurrection. Therefore, … Continue reading

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The Incarnation and the Consecration of the Eucharist

There is not uncommon comparison that some theologians make between Jesus becoming man at the virgin conception and Incarnation versus Jesus becoming present at the consecration of the Eucharist. At the Incarnation, he is present in body, blood, soul, and … Continue reading

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Missing Mass and Mental Illness

Is it a sin to miss Mass, if the reason is some mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.? To miss Mass on a Sunday or holy day of obligation, without sin, you only need a … Continue reading

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On Heresy, Bribery, and Conservative Arrogance

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky writes for — an organization led by manifest schismatic Phil Lawler — a suggestion that conservative parishioners use donations as a way to pressure Bishops to comply with the conservative understanding of orthodoxy: Appealing to the … Continue reading

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Wifely Obedience in Catholic Teaching

True Marriage There are only two types of true marriage before the eyes of God, a merely natural marriage, and the Sacrament of holy Matrimony. Natural marriage was established when Adam and Eve were created, that is, at the beginning … Continue reading

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Fr. Dwight Longenecker on the sacrifice of the Mass

Fr. Longenecker has updated his post, making it clear that the Mass is a type of sacrifice, but the Old Testament bloody sacrifices have ended. Give his post a read. I will update my post below accordingly: A post by … Continue reading

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