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A Novel Argument in favor of Communion for the Divorced

I’ve not seen this point in any of the discussions about Amoris Laetitia, specifically the section that allows, in some limited cases, reception of holy Communion by the divorced and remarried. It is a solid theological argument, based not only … Continue reading

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Schismatics are not permitted to receive holy Communion

Catholics may faithfully disagree with the Roman Pontiff to a fairly wide extent: * When may a Catholic disagree with Pope Francis? * To what extent may we resist or disagree with the Pope? * Ten Ways to Respond When … Continue reading


Cardinal Burke’s hypocrisy on intrinsic evil and Communion

In a talk on 24 March 2017, at a parish in Springfield, Virginia, Cardinal Burke insisted the Pope Francis must answer the five dubia of the four Cardinals, or else the Cardinals “simply will have to correct the situation,” by … Continue reading

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The Failure of Canon 915

Before I discuss Canon 915, I want to dispel you of the notion that any discipline is so long-standing and so thoroughly established in Church practice that it is irreformable. The Old Testament disciplines were established by Divine Revelation, and … Continue reading

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Ad Orientem as a Chip on the Shoulder

Cardinal Sarah suggested that, beginning this Advent, all priests say Mass ad orientem (“to the East”), which often is not literally to the East, but symbolically, such that the priest faces with his back to the people: “It is very … Continue reading

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Should Persons Unrepentant from Grave Sin go to Mass?

My opinion is that they should not. The Pharisaical Catholic would answer that such a person is obligated to attend Mass, though they cannot receive Communion. Yes, but that type of answer treats the obligation as entirely exterior. You sit … Continue reading

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Reception of Communion and Parish Economics

The cry has gone out, across the face of the whole earth: No Communion for the divorced and remarried!! What if the couple is in good conscience? They are nevertheless guilty of the objective mortal sin of adultery. Prohibit them … Continue reading

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The Last Supper was the First Mass and Eucharist

Over at Vox Nova, Fr. Nathan O’Halloran, S.J., rejects the teaching of the Magisterium that the Last Supper was the first Mass and first Eucharist: Why the Last Supper was not the First Mass. He claims: “It would only lead … Continue reading


Toward Flexibility in Liturgical Form

Liturgical form refers to the words, actions, and vestments and other articles used in our expression of worship together, especially in the holy Mass, but also in other liturgical celebrations, such as funerals, baptisms, weddings, etc. Liturgical form falls into … Continue reading


Reply to Fr. Brian Harrison on Communion

The Church is headed for a great schism. The controversy that divides Catholics might not be Communion for the divorced and remarried. It might be the ordination of women deacons, or a new definition of doctrine on salvation for non-Christians, … Continue reading


Holy Mass is no place to fight about liturgical form

Katrina Fernandez wrote a blog post at about her experience at Mass visiting a liberal parish: Denied Communion on the Tongue at My Grandmother’s Funeral… She writes a number of criticisms of the liturgical form used in this particular … Continue reading


Most Catholics should not receive Holy Communion

In accordance with conscience, formed in the light of the teachings of Jesus and His Church, which persons should NOT be receiving holy Communion? This post is not on the topic of who may or may not receive Communion according … Continue reading

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Is Jesus Locally Present in the Eucharist?

Saint Robert Bellarmine maintains that our Lord can be locally present here on earth, in the Eucharist, even though He is also present in Heaven. He teaches that a body can be in two places at once. So, in the … Continue reading


Common Errors on Accidents, Substance, and the Eucharist

This article is a continuation of my previous article: Understanding Accidents, Substance, and the Eucharist. The division of any created thing into accidents and substance is a metaphysical distinction. It is not possible for us to physically separate the accidents … Continue reading


Five wounds inflicted on Christ’s Mystical Body through our liturgy

Here’s one view, expressed by Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, and quoted by Fr. Z. 1. Mass versus populum [facing the people]. 2. Communion in the hand. 3. The Novus Ordo Offertory prayers. 4. Disappearance of Latin in the Ordinary … Continue reading

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The lesbian communion incident: Canon law versus the Eternal Moral Law

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo was in the sacristy, preparing for a funeral Mass, when the daughter of the deceased entered with another woman. The daughter, Barbara Johnson, identified the other woman as her lover. She made a deliberate disclosure to the … Continue reading

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The lesbian at a Catholic funeral incident

Here is an update on the incident from a Catholic who knows the priest, Fr. Marcel. The important new information is as follows: “The woman in question brought her lesbian partner into the vesting sacristy just before the funeral Mass … Continue reading


Is it a mortal sin not to fast or abstain from meat during Lent?

Is it a mortal sin not to fast on Ash Wednesday or on Good Friday? Is it a mortal sin not to abstain from meat on a Friday of Lent? Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass on a … Continue reading


Christ did not establish the Mass in immutable specifics

All seven Sacraments were established by Jesus Christ, during His Divine Ministry on earth. Before that time, there were no Sacraments. However, non-formal Baptism (by desire or by blood) was available to bring persons into the state of grace, for … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s new heresy on transubstantiation

On the “Catholic Answers Live” radio show of 26 January 2012, Jimmy Akin discusses the Protestant idea of consubstantiation. After correctly refuting consubstantiation, Akin adds his own heretical claim: “because what Jesus says is not ‘this contains my body’ or … Continue reading