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The miraculous virgin birth of the Virgin Mary

From the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: Several days previously, Anne informed Joachim that the time of her delivery was at hand. She sent messengers to her sister Maraha, at Sephoris, also to the widow Enue, Elizabeth’s sister, in … Continue reading


Mary is not the Mediatrix of All graces

The Virgin Mary is Mediatrix of Grace. Pope Pius XI even calls her “Mediatrix of all graces.” However, this phrasing is inexact. The Pope was not referring to all graces without exception, but to all graces to us, to fallen … Continue reading


The Immaculate Conception was a miraculous virgin conception

The following quotes are from my work in speculative Roman Catholic Mariology, found in the booklet, the Virginity of Jesus and Mary, and also found in my book, New Insights into the Deposit of Faith: “From the first moment of … Continue reading


book excerpt: New Insights….

The first aspect of original sin is the personal sin of Adam and Eve, their disobedience to God, which caused them to Fall from grace. At the Immaculate Conception, Mary was given the supernatural gift of complete Love for God, … Continue reading


The death of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Magisterium The Magisterium of the Church teaches infallibly in solemn definitions of the Pope, in solemn definitions of Ecumenical Councils, and through the ordinary and universal Magisterium. All other teachings of the Magisterium are non-infallible. The infallible teachings allow … Continue reading

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The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

The Virgin Mary spoke to Saint Bridget about the presence of the Son of God in her womb and about His Virgin Birth. “And when I had Him in my womb, I bore Him without pain, without any weight or … Continue reading


Was Mary worthy to be the Mother of God? Yes and no.

Did the Blessed Virgin Mary merit to be the Mother of God? Was the Blessed Virgin Mary worthy to be the Mother of God? First, merit by any mere human person, even the Blessed Virgin Mary, always begins with the … Continue reading