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Embryo Adoption: a moral option for infertile Catholic spouses

Artificial procreation (in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, etc.) is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral, because it separates the unitive and procreative meanings, and because it offends against the marital meaning. Infertile Catholic spouses may not use any form of … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin teaches heresy and doctrinal error

Jimmy Akin’s writings contain numerous grave doctrinal errors, some of which rise to the level of abject heresy. By means of these false teachings, he is leading faithful Catholics astray from the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. My concern is … Continue reading


Errors in the moral theology of Fr. Martin Rhonheimer

In his article, The truth about condoms, Fr. Martin Rhonheimer confuses the intention of an act and the moral object of an act. This is a common misunderstanding in Catholic ethics, and a frequent source of error in the moral … Continue reading


On the Manifest Grave Sins of Fr. Manuel Pousa

A priest named Fr. Manuel Pousa, from the archdiocese of Barcelona, Spain, has been acquitted by his Bishop and by the CDF of charges that, in paying for two abortions, he incurred excommunication. However, it is manifest that this priest … Continue reading


What makes one mortal sin worse than another mortal sin?

There are three fonts of morality: (1) intention, (2) moral object, (3) circumstances. Whenever any one font is gravely disordered, the act is objectively a mortal sin; it is a gravely immoral act. Any moral disorder in any font makes … Continue reading


A case of euthanasia

This discussion at the facebook page called ‘Ask a Catholic Priest‘ is very disturbing. The same case is also discussed at ‘Ask a Catholic‘. Both discussions show that many Catholics, including some priests, do not understand the basic teachings of … Continue reading


The principle of cooperation with evil: formal cooperation

Let’s continue our application of the three fonts of morality to the principle of cooperation with evil. Implicit cooperation concerns the font of intention (first font). Formal cooperation concerns the font called the moral object (second font). If your act … Continue reading


The principle of cooperation with evil: implicit cooperation

In the previous article, we discussed explicit cooperation with evil. Explicit cooperation is always also either formal cooperation, or material cooperation. These three types of cooperation (explicit, formal, material) depend upon the three fonts of morality (intention, moral object, circumstances). … Continue reading

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The principle of cooperation with evil: explicit cooperation

If we analyze the principle of cooperation with evil according to the three fonts of morality, as taught by Veritatis Splendor (which is Latin for ‘the encyclical everyone ignores‘), the first consideration is intention. If another person is sinning, and … Continue reading


Misunderstandings on the Principle of Double Effect

1. The principle of double effect must be understood in the light of the teachings of the Magisterium on the general principles that apply to all morality. One common error is to state the principle of double effect only as … Continue reading


Marital sexual ethics, reply to objections 1

The next series of posts will discuss objections to the teaching on marital sexual ethics found in this article: Unnatural sexual acts as marital foreplay There are many common objections, each of which is easily refuted. None of these objections … Continue reading

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On lying, intrinsic evil, and moral intuition (reply to Peter Kreeft)

In a recent article, Dr. Peter Kreeft discusses lying and moral intuition. He suggests using the method of moral intuition to determine if an act, such as lying, is moral or immoral. The first problem with his argument is that … Continue reading