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I feel I have a moral obligation regarding Covid-19

Update: Using the data from the first 10 days of August, I’m predicting 1,759,899 cases and 30,798 deaths in the U.S. in the whole of August. Method: totals from first 10 days times 3.2258 equals the case and death totals. … Continue reading

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The Morality of Receiving a Covid-19 Vaccine

A U.S. Bishop, Strickland of Tyler, Texas, has publicly stated that people should reject any vaccine developed using aborted chlidren. Strickland: “I renew my call that we reject any vaccine that is developed using aborted children. Even if it originated … Continue reading

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Abortifacient Contraception for a Medical Purpose

The writings of Catholic moral theologians on abortifacient contraception are often lack readily-available information on the medical aspects of this topic, including varying rates of break-through ovulation, health benefits and risks, and the percent risks of an abortifacient event. Some … Continue reading

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Prenatal Loss with Oral Contraceptives: Low Risk?

Catholics who argue in favor of oral contraceptives often claim that the risk of a break-through ovulation, which then opens the way to possible conception and an abortifacient event, is low. There are many problems with this claim. 1. Risk … Continue reading

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Abortifacient Contraception in Cases of Rape: Theory and Practice

In cases of rape, a woman or her healthcare provider may use contraception to prevent the conception of a child as a result of the rape. This use of contraception is indirect, and therefore not intrinsically evil. Contraception is immoral … Continue reading

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More Prenatals are killed by Abortifacients than by Abortion

Edited to add: Births worldwide per year is 137 million infants. Abortifacient deaths from IUDs are 1 to 2 losses per woman per year [Mechanisms of action of intrauterine devices; Am J Obstet Gynecol 2002;187:1699-70]. Worldwide, 163 million women use … Continue reading

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The Only Likely Path to Health Care for Everyone

Health care is a fundamental human right. And, in so far as health insurance is needed to access that fundamental right, health insurance is a derived right. See my post: Fundamental Human Rights versus Derived Human Rights. Even in wealthy … Continue reading

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Free Book on Healthy Eating

I’m offering the Kindle version of my book Healthy Eating versus Mortality for free from April 9th to April 13th, 2016 (Pacific Time). This book offers a description of the components of a healthy diet, including specific foods and supplements … Continue reading

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Diseases of the Apocalypse

The first part of the tribulation begins with a set of four events, figuratively called the four horsemen of the apocalypse: 1. World War 3 2. severe civil unrest 3. famine in wealthy developed nations 4. death from a variety … Continue reading

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Is it Moral to Donate to the ALS Association via the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is spreading by means of online social media. A person either dumps a bucket of ice water on their head, or donates money to the ALS Association to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or … Continue reading

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