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John Cleese on Extremism

John Cleese on Extremism: “Seriously, though, we’ve heard a lot about extremism recently, a nastier harsher atmosphere everywhere, more abuse and bother-boy behavior, less friendliness and tolerance and respect for opponents. Alright, but what we never hear about extremism is … Continue reading


The Implications of Refusing Services to a Gay Wedding

Many conservative Catholics have taken the position that devout Christians ought to refuse to provide business services to same-sex weddings and receptions. The types of services include wedding cake, catering, music, photography, flowers, and the venue. They say that providing … Continue reading

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The Real Short-term Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

This post diverges from my usual topic of theology to cover a philosophical question of importance to modern society. The current discussion on the dangers of AI, as found in several recent news stories and commentaries, are way off-base. They … Continue reading

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The New German Law against Hate Speech

Here’s the news story: New German Law Forces Facebook To Remove Hate Speech or Pay Over $50 Million — In an address on Friday, one of the main supporters of the bill, Justice Minister Heiko Maas, said, “Freedom of expression … Continue reading

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Cultural Fundamentalism is like Religious Fundamentalism

In general, religious fundamentalism has three main features: 1) oversimplification 2) dogmatization 3) villainization See my previous post on this topic: The Many Errors of Religious Fundamentalism. But modern culture has evolved into a pseudo-religion. It is also a religion … Continue reading

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Can Catholic Hospitals survive the onslaught of unjust laws?

Contraception has long been legal. But only recently has there been an outcry to compel Catholic hospitals to provide contraception, including abortifacient contraception. And there has also been some discussion of compelling Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, or at least … Continue reading


A Religion-free Society becomes its own Religion

Human persons are created to need supernatural grace and the supernatural virtues of love, faith, hope in order to be fulfilled and happy. When human persons try to live without God, grace, and infused virtues, their lives are in a … Continue reading

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Taking Christ out of Christmas TV Shows and Movies

Many TV shows offer special holiday themed episodes. Three holidays are most often highlighted are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. What I find interesting is how different shows handle their Christmas-themed episode. Most present the holiday only in its secular elements. … Continue reading


Why the Culture Sees Christmas as a Threat

A large majority of U.S. citizens call themselves Christian. Many attend services at a Christian Church. And a large percentage of the non-Christians have some family or friends who are Christian. So you might think that the culture of such … Continue reading


What comes after the Legalization of Gay Marriage? Polyamory apparently

Many conservative commentators have been saying that, if/when same-sex marriage is legalized and accepted by society, other gravely immoral relationships will be approved and legalized next. Now gay marriage is not only legal in the U.S., it is emphatically approved … Continue reading

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Eventually, there will be no Catholic hospitals or schools

Roman Catholic teaching is based on infallible and unchangeable Divine Revelation (Tradition and Scripture). So the Church cannot change Her teachings to suit the changing mores of sinful secular society. Some false teachers will always try to distort or radically … Continue reading

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Modern Society likes new ideas, hates truth

There is a verse in Sacred Scripture, in Acts of the Apostles, which describes the residents of the Greek city of Athens. [Acts] {17:21} (Now all the Athenians, and arriving visitors, were occupying themselves with nothing other than speaking or … Continue reading